SEGA on PC ports: “So many games, so little time! Stay tuned.”

A couple of years ago a ton of SEGA fans started up the #SEGAPCPorts hashtag and petition demanding for SEGA to release more of its games on their platform of choice. It seemed to have worked since we got surprises like “new” title The Typing of the Dead: Overkill and last year we got the fantastic port of Valkyria Chronicles.

Since the last PC port happen last year and we got a new restructure in April, a fan decided to ask SEGA if they where still doing PC ports:

It seems SEGA hasn’t given up on the PC platform and its not surprising since one of their big pushes is to move to digital format and PC has really embraced digital. What SEGA PC port would you want to see on Steam or other PC gaming store fronts? If SEGA wants to make us happy let’s start with Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, please!


17 responses to “SEGA on PC ports: “So many games, so little time! Stay tuned.”

  1. fernandeath says:

    They gave a standard reply
    I wouldn’t hold my breath for these ports…

    • TimmiT says:

      Nah, knowing PR speak, they’d say something like “no comment” if they’re not sure if they’re doing more PC ports. In this case it looks like definitely something is coming.

  2. StarPlatinum says:

    Would love to see Border Break make it’s way here. Or even Psy-Phi make it’s way to smart phones & tablets. That would be huge.

  3. JeanLucAwesome says:

    That Dream Steam logo makes me want a Steam Machine that looks like a Dreamcast. Would buy.

  4. Billy Ross says:

    Resonance of Fate would be awesome. What…what about WHAT ABOUT HD PORTS OF THE SNEMUE GAMES!

  5. CrispX says:

    We want JSRF!

  6. Ashley Hakker says:

    SEGA RACING CLASSIC! D: …Because I think they lost the Daytona USA license again, which lead to it’s delisting from XBLA/PSN.

  7. CrispX says:

    If they are many games, it seems are more then 3 games like bayonetta and Vanquish.

  8. NoirSuede says:

    Is a PC Yakuza port even possible or is that series a PlayStation exclusive ?

  9. segaismysavior says:

    If I can only choose one: JSRF. The least likely game ever would be Toy Commander, but that game was dope.

  10. Anjay says:

    Would definitely buy PC ports of Vanquish and Jet Set Radio Future!

  11. Kbuzz says:

    All of sega’s arcade hardware since 2003 have been on x86 PC hardware, and never using anything more powerful than midrange parts.

    I understand the reluctance to port older games that require more effort in porting than they’ll be worth in sales. But we’re talking about a new life of sales for a 12 year library that only need a few menus and maybe some licenses renewed or cut out.

    Sega Racing Classic please! And let us run our own servers. Tired of seeing servers taken down after a year or two.

  12. Nevertheless, the games that Sega has yet to release on the Glorious PC platform are being petitioned by more than 10,000 gamers to appear as digital ports. Do we feel the PC market can support this game?

  13. Aldovandy says:

    “So many Games so little Time” ¿is this a parody of Sonic.exe’s phrase “So Many Souls so Little Time”?
    or this is a weird coincidence

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