Classic Virtua Fighter figures now available for pre-order

FIGURE-016527_08Are you a big fan of the low polygon models used in the original Virtua Fighter? Today is your lucky day because Figma’s classic Akira and Sarah figures are now available to pre-order at AmiAmi. Each figure will cost you 3,560 yen (about $30 usd).

Each figure comes with:

  • Main figure
  • Base
  • Standard expression part
  • Shouting expression part
  • Hand parts

The figures will have a ‘variety of hand parts’ so you can pose them to fit your needs. Not to mention the screaming face. Look at the gallery after the break. According to Figma, they will be making Player 2 variants soon, you can see those figures in the image above. The figures are set to ship this upcoming September, so this is a long pre-order.


3 responses to “Classic Virtua Fighter figures now available for pre-order

  1. Jamma says:

    Chances of this coming west…

    • batfax says:

      Low, but uh, importing from AmiAmi or HobbyLinkJapan is virtually painless. You just buy it like literally any other online store.

  2. Sonic Johnny says:

    Its actually being sold in North America, got a Yuuki from Anime Blvd. I pre-order the other from AmiAmi but the shipping killed it for me.

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