Sonic the Hedgehog amiibo outsold Pikachu and Mario in North America

amiibo-store-shelf.jpgSEGA’s blue blur is very popular not only in North America but also with Nintendo gamers, so much so that he ranked in number five on their amiibo sales chart in North America. Sonic beat the likes of Mario, Pikachu Pac-Man, and Mega Man. The most popular Amiibo in North America? Link. Surprised?

Here is the North American sales of amiibos:

1. Link
2. Bowser
3. Toon Link
4. Mewtwo
5. Sonic
6. Pikachu
7. Classic Mario
8. Pac-Man
9. Mega Man
10. Ganondorf

These charts come from Nintendo themselves . They have announced that they have shipped over 31 million amiibos, including 9.9 million in the third quarter alone. Check the best selling amiibos from Japan Europe after the break.

[Source: NeoGAF]

1. Inkling Girl
2. Squid
3. Inkling Boy
4. Mario
5. Classic Mario
6. Modern Mario
7. Isabelle
8. Kirby
9. Green Yarn Yoshi
10. Digby

1. Classic Mario
2. Link
3. Inkling Squid
4. Green Yarn Yoshi
5. Mario
6. Smash Mario
7. Pikachu
8. Inkling Boy
9. Toad
10. Inkling Girl


One response to “Sonic the Hedgehog amiibo outsold Pikachu and Mario in North America

  1. Ellie says:

    Congratulations Sega / Sonic. I picked up my Hedgehog last year.
    Off topic i hope we … sega fan will get more sega amiibo’s.. now that the blue blur is going to celebrate his birthday. pssst hey sega make me a street of rage amiibo 🙂

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