SEGA Talk: Our Ideal Sonic 25th Anniversary Game (Feat. Matt from Tails’ Channel)

Welcome to our newest video series, SEGA Talk! Like SEGA News Bits, SEGA Talk features hosts George and Barry discussing all things SEGA. However, instead of detailing the latest in SEGA news, we bring on a guest to take part in a round table SEGA discussion. To kick things off we are joined by Matt from Tails’ Channel to share what we think the ideal Sonic 25th anniversary game would be.

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5 responses to “SEGA Talk: Our Ideal Sonic 25th Anniversary Game (Feat. Matt from Tails’ Channel)

  1. Ellie says:

    for me they should add some elements of sonic ds and some elements of sonic.

    What I someday hope to see if sonic celebrate his anniversary again amash up between all of sega friends who are going to be at his party, Allah kingdom hearts like.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      For now we’re keeping SEGA Talk and News Bits on YouTube due to their length and the video component. If plans change we’ll let you all know.

  2. Blues says:

    Really enjoy these! Please do more!

    Possible topics:

    – the Sega game that turned you into a fan
    – the sequels everyone asks for and whether or not each one is even feasible.
    – Sonic movie discussion?
    – Favorite Sega game that everyone else hates?

  3. ScruffyMcBoogerballs says:

    My ideal sonic anniversary game would have to be SA3.

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