Dreamcast homebrew game Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles getting reprinted

The 2007 indie Dreamcast game Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles will be receiving a re-release this year, it has been confirmed.  Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles had been sold out for years and now developer Yuan Works Co., Ltd has teamed up with DragonBox Shop to re-release their famed puzzle game.

The studio announced that it was working on a new title called ‘Little Ninja‘, after Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles but it seems they are gauging interest for homebrew games, since Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles came out almost a decade ago. Yuan Works Co., Ltd also set up a Patreon to get development for Little Ninja off the ground.

If you haven’t played it Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles it mixes Bejeweled type puzzle gameplay with a over world map and old school JRPG like story elements. The re-release will have bug fixes and is up for pre-order for only $9.36 (plus shipping). Not a bad price at all.


5 responses to “Dreamcast homebrew game Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles getting reprinted

  1. Cube_b3 says:

    Came out in 2008 for Dreamcast.

    GP2X was 2007.

  2. Gamma says:

    The Dreamcast version was actually a port, a re-released conversion from an earlier release on another system, it wasn’t built from the ground up with the Dreamcast in mind.

    • Gamma says:

      *With native Dreamcast code, that it was written from.

    • Cube_b3 says:

      Yes the graphics were carried over but the story was revised and the code rewritten for the Dreamcast.

      Just like inhabitants which was a PC game expanded for the Drramcast.

  3. DCGX says:

    Who cares, it’s a great game at a great price. Every DC owner should do their selves a favor and buy this re-release (I’ve owned the original release for years).

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