New Shenmue 3 developer update gives us a peek at the game in action

A new Shenmue 3 developer diary has finally hit for Kickstarter backers, and as seen above the game is indeed being made! Yeah yeah, I know, there was little doubt that the game is happening but I still have this suspicion that Yu Suzuki’s plan is to run off to a remote island with a luxury car. The latest video tells little but shows quite a bit. We see a developer working on a QTE arcade machine displaying Playstation buttons and arrows. We then see Ryo pushing something and then the player accessing the iconic in-game diary. A peek at a small village is given and the room appears to be littered with concept drawings of NPCs.

During a dialogue meeting, somebody is paging through the Japanese Shenmue 2 guide book and we see more NPC drawings on a white board. Quest test play shows off a messy room covered in dirt and debris. Ryo is seen from behind opening a cabinet and it is noted that all characters are tentative and are from older resources – so don’t judge the back of Ryo’s head! We then go to a meeting with Yu Suzuki where we see him talking with his staff and in the background there is a screen showing off what looks like Ryo outside and then a scene inside a small room with an arcade machine. We again see Ryo outside and a quick shot of a village at dusk with lights lit.

All in all, not much is revealed but it is very exciting to see the game being made! What did you think of this peek at Shenmue 3?


5 responses to “New Shenmue 3 developer update gives us a peek at the game in action

  1. Harlemknight116 says:

    Looks like it’s heading in the right direction for sure. Can’t wait!

  2. Lenno says:

    Good to see Sega still make this happen, but I hope to God that Ryo model is nothing like the final build, that’s the worst model seen yet, it looks so unprofessional and cheap.

    • Lenno says:

      In saying that, I wonder if maybe expectations are set too high for it, as this installment doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of workers and funding on it as the originals did and even more importantly it doesn’t have any set goal like the original 2 Shenmues did, the first Shenmues were made to sell the Dreamcast and were native Dreamcast projects that were natively built on it from scratch, so standards were higher then, now that this wont be on Dreamcast, and is seen to be liability more than an asset to most publishers, there may not be the same kind of polish put intyo as the original Dreamcast ones got, just enough to keep the 70+k Kick starter backers happy. Can only hope that Yu Suzuki proves that wrong.

  3. Monty says:

    I dunno… Is Suzuki really that same ambitious man that created VF, Shenmue and hit Sega arcade titles? Time looks like it really caught up with him.

  4. baller says:

    It seems that yu suzuki got himself loaded on winedrinking. I hope he is still ambitious.

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