SEGA in the Media: The Circle asks “Mario or Sonic?”


Welcome to another SEGA in the Media! Its always fun spotting references to SEGA and its games in movies and television, but for me it is doubly fun when they screw it up somehow. Like when Suburban Commando tried to act like After Burner was some outer space alien game or when Jackie Chan gave a kid in a wheelchair a Game Gear with no games. Today we’re featuring the upcoming movie The Circle. I’ll admit, I’m late on this one. The trailer released back in December, and by the time I thought to make an article I had figured the movie was already out. But nope, they’re still advertising this and it is still not out! Do we really need five months of advertising for this stupid movie?

I’ve saved you the pain of having to sit through the full trailer, which can be seen here. Basically, The Circle is about a young tech worker played by Emma Watson who takes a job at a powerful Internet corporation, and quickly rises up the company’s ranks and faces some difficult questions about internet privacy and stuff. The trailer kicks off with this little scene which attempts to make Emma Watson’s character look like some hotshot who can’t answer simple questions.

When asked “Mario or Sonic?” in a speed round, Emma Watson rolls her eyes as if the answer is obvious and says “early Sonic, late Mario.” Look, I don’t necessarily disagree with such an answer, but it is the way she smugly answers both “Paul or John?” and “Mario or Sonic?” questions and doesn’t even make a definitive choice, and don’t get me started on how she would describe The Circle to her grandmother. My grandmother wouldn’t even know what “the web” is.


If I were the interviewer, I’d put the breaks on the speed round and ask her to either make a definitive choice or explain the whole early/late categorization. Early Sonic is great, there is no denying, but so was early Mario. Also, why act as though late Mario is the better of the two? I’d argue Late Mario is more in the New Super Mario Bros. U territory, whereas Sonic has had some pretty great games as of late with the likes of Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces on the horizon. Point is, some screenwriter is trying way too hard to make Watson’s character appear like some sort of genius because she so arrogantly has opinions on the various eras of The Beatles, Mario and Sonic. I’d wager that the writers don’t even have their own opinions such subjects and just threw the whole early/late thing in to make them appear smarter than they actually are.

Anyway, The Circle hits theaters April 28th! Don’t waste your money.


30 responses to “SEGA in the Media: The Circle asks “Mario or Sonic?”

  1. Elly says:

    It always going to be us vs them

  2. Madness says:

    I’v read people saying that Mario’s early outings on 2D where bland compared to his later 3D titles. Haven’t seen it posted too many times, but that opinion exists.

  3. Senjav says:

    Aw god, Emma Watson of all people…

  4. Centrale says:

    It’s hard to imagine what kind of useful information a potential employer could derive from these questions. Or why a job interview would be held in a lobby with people milling about.

  5. Jopamine says:

    You should analyze JanetJackson’s doesn’t really matter video for media, or did I miss it?

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