SEGA launches a teaser site for ‘Valkyria Project’

Valkyria Project

I guess SEGA wasn’t kidding when they said that the Valkyria franchise wasn’t dead after Valkyria Revolution debuted as the worse selling entry for the franchise. SEGA has more in store for players and they will reveal what ‘Valkyria Project‘ is on November 20th. You can check out the Valkyria Project teaser page here. 

Outside of the date, there is also a blurry background picture featuring a clue but I can’t make it out. SEGA did reveal shortly after Valkyria Revolutions came out that they where still open on doing another SRPG focused entry, but who knows what this is. I mean, it could possibly even be a mobile game. Oh god, I hope not!


6 responses to “SEGA launches a teaser site for ‘Valkyria Project’

  1. Is it worth getting excited, or is it going to be either a cheap mobile game or more outsourced rubbish?. One can only hope it made by the main team, running on Canvas 2 tech for the current consoles with support for 4k on One X and PS4 Pro

  2. Deefy says:

    Mmhh … my thoughts are that the game, or why not, various projects, to be announced on November 20th, will include a title for the current consoles / pc.

    Then, this is only given by my intuition, and mostly it’s my hope!

  3. Hopefully give it’s using the rating system

  4. Bertodecosta says:

    These past months, when SEGA gave us teaser website, it’s usually a mobile game or arcade game.
    So it’s probably a mobile game or an arcade game.

    • Yeah, but mobile phone games don’t often carry the rating system, do they?. So there’s a tiny bit of hope

    • RushDawg says:

      Was thinking the same thing. Sonic Forces Speed Battle, their most recent mobile game, doesn’t seem to have an ESRB rating. Given that it is a Valkyria game and the teaser site is in English, it is practically guaranteed to not be an arcade game.

      Perhaps I’m getting my hopes up, but I legitimately think this will be a console or handheld game.

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