TOMY reveals new Sonic the Hedgehog action figures, plush toys and comic books for 2018


2018 might be a quiet year for Sonic the Hedgehog games, but the world of merchandise appears to be heating up. Not only will IDW debut their spin on the Sonic franchise, but TOMY will be releasing many more action figures and plush toys from the modern, classic and Sonic Boom character lineups. TOMY has been in the Sonic action figure business for two years, so they have released some figures but there are still several characters that they have yet to release. Let’s take a look at what collector’s can expect in 2018!

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In 2018 it looks like we will be getting many characters absent from the TOMY line including 3″ action figures of modern Super Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Amy, Eggman, Zavok and Infinite. The classic line expands with Metal Sonic, Amy and Eggman. This is in addition to already released figures of modern and classic Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and there will be incentives to double dip by way of Chao mini figures, metallic character art cards and comic books.

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Interestingly, the comic books are not Archie reprints, nor are they IDW comics. The comics are described as “exclusive” and “never before released” and by Sonic Team (I’d like to think Iizuka himself drew them), with covers showing Sonic & Tails as “HERO” and Metal and Eggman as “RIVAL”.

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Several 8″ plush dolls are being released: modern Sonic, Super Sonic, Eggman, Amy, Chao, Vector(?!), Silver, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and classic Eggman. There are also 12″ plush dolls of Knuckles, Shadow, Super Sonic and a Dark Chao.

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The Sonic Boom franchise moves into 2018, despite no word on a third season, with several repaints of existing figures. There are Lord Eggman and Parallel Universe Eggman variants, Sonic and friends in sports gear, five figure bundles of previously exiting figures and more of the emoji plush dolls. Of all the Sonic Boom toys, angry Eggman is my favorite.

You can see the full gallery of upcoming TOMY Sonic toys below, and you can view the full TOMY 2018 catalog here.


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