Rumor: Sonic Kart Racing Game Coming 2018, Won’t Include other SEGA IPs

On this episode of the SEGA News Bits we look at the new rumor that SEGA is working on a Sonic Kart Racing game that won’t be part of the ‘All-Stars’ series or include many or if any SEGA brands (outside of Sonic). Check the out the video above for the evidence, at the end I give you my opinion about the rumor and if I think its in fact a reality. I guess we will find out soon, at SXSW panel, if these rumors turn out to be true.

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8 responses to “Rumor: Sonic Kart Racing Game Coming 2018, Won’t Include other SEGA IPs

  1. Tdixpix says:

    Yeah, I’m with you on this. I truly hope that what looks like a Sonic-less year of successes with Bayonetta, Yakuza and others coming up prods this one trick company into thinking about properties other than their ‘golden goose’ Sonic.

    In a big way, I always hoped that Fighter’s Megamix would get a new lease on life as Sega’s answer to Smash Bros.

  2. Dennis Livingston says:

    This would be terrible imo. There was so many characters and stages they could have still done in a All Stars game. And you have Mario Kart which I don’t like the gameplay but point is it’s slowly moving away from being just Mario characters and now Sonic according to the rumor would go the other way and be all Sonic characters? That’d kill all my interest in the game honestly. Wouldn’t buy.

  3. Ikagura says:

    Well I am still hoping to see a Nintendo kart on the Switch

  4. OriginalName says:

    If they are indeed incrementally stepping back from the idea that their brand encompasses many IP’s and downsizing to just one IP with severe public image difficulties, that goes a step beyond short-sighted and lands them in just-plain-stupid territory.

  5. RushDawg says:

    If they’re going to make a new Sonic racer, I’d like it to be “on foot” like Sonic R. No point in putting (most) of the Sonic cast in a car.

  6. AfroRyan says:

    A huge mistake if true. I’m technically fine if they just call it Sonic Kart, but to drop all the Sega stuff would kill me.

  7. Debonair says:

    Sega gets a lot of flack for relying on their mascot Sonic a lot compared to their other IPs, but to be honest, Sega has mostly always been a company that moves on to pioneering new concepts with new UPs than trying to establish old IPs, that’s probably been one of their biggest weaknesses compared to Nintendo, while Nintendo is a lot less into trying new things and game concepts compared to Sega, they have always been a more family orientated company, not just for their consumers but for their IPs as well, Nintendo basically has made itself like the Disney of the Videogames industry, with constantly brining it’s old IPs into the current age rather than trying to come up with entirely new ones.

    For Sega, the best way to ensure other Sega IP got a good show in the spotlight was on Sega home Hardware, since Sega suspended it’s Home Hardware Series in 2001, Its Been Really Tough For Them to Try to Not Only update Old IP But to Try And do New IP As well, We Have still Seen Some new Sega IP even despite the difficulties, like Bayonetta and Yakuza ect which have been some of the more successful ones.

    But really what is the chance that old Sega IP will succeed? When they had to use the Sonic brand to sell other Sega UPs in the past two part titles, you know it’s a given that Sonic gets the spotlight as much for a good reason. They are just responding to the market demand, more people pay good money for new Sonic titles compared to the rest.

    • Debonair says:

      In saying that though, I don’t think this is a good approach (if it turns out to be true), the original roster set up of Sega characters in karts with the entire Sonic main cast was a great idea still.

      It’s not like Nintendo was that strict with using only Mario characters in the Mario kart games, even If It was still a minority that extended to only one or two, other Nintendo Characters like Donkey Kong ect have also been in the Mario Kart Roster.

      Sega was on a high with the original concept and keeping it’s originality and unique differences, hell it was even considered to be a better game than Mario Kart.

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