What Are Your Thoughts on Sonic Boom, 4 Years Later

f04SEGA went pretty far out there to have Sonic Boom be a huge launch which included a TV Show, video games, comics and even a toy line by Tomy. SEGA America had big plans for the new look and new ‘direction’ of this Sonic series, which would have existed along side with modern Sonic the Hedgehog. Sadly the video games launched by SEGA had rough sales and slowly SEGA turned the wheels on Sonic Boom by cancelling the comics and video games.

But the Sonic Boom TV show still remained, the last episode aired on November 11, 2017 and the series has ran for two seasons spanning 104 episodes. While I’m not a huge fan of the redesigns or video games, I will admit something about the Sonic Boom TV show (and even comic) really had me entertained. I know they aren’t perfect but I always found the writing on the TV show to be witty and well done. Now SEGA is launching the excellent Sonic Mania Adventures web series, could we see classic Sonic take away Sonic Boom‘s TV spot? Do you think that SEGA should continue Sonic Boom as a TV show brand and what is your overall thoughts of Sonic Boom, 4 years later?


10 responses to “What Are Your Thoughts on Sonic Boom, 4 Years Later

  1. Robbie says:

    I still hate the Sonic Boom franchise, games and cartoon alike, for completely butchering the characters. It deprived Sonic from every personality trait he had in the games, and turned Knuckles and Eggman into complete parodies of themselves.

  2. Chow says:

    I actually felt the new character designs to be interesting. I never relaly brought myself to play any of the games, other than the demo on the 3DS, which in the short time I spent with it, felt suffered from the modern 2D-style “momentumless” gameplay.

    While I didn’t have access to the television series through regular means, it was very entertaining because of its cheesiness and resetting of status-quo between episodes. It was hilarious how Eggman was basically like a hated neighbor instead of any real threat.

    The last thing I have to say is: holy crap, Sonic Boom is four years old?

  3. Segua says:

    Seems everyone has this bit incorrect

    “SEGA turned the wheels on Sonic Boom by cancelling the comics and video games”

    Was confirmed that It wasn’t Sega or that the comic itself had poor sales, but rather Archie themselves had quite a lot going on at the time and was decided they couldn’t continue producing the comics but no specific’s were given though it was no secret Archie was having issues.

    The merchandise is still around doing well with more releasing coming mid to end of this year.

    I believe Sonic Boom has something special Mania adventures simply cannot replace however I believe they should both co exist since the two shows are very good at doing two separate things.

    Personally I enjoy the redesigns though Knuckles is one that I’m not 100% about however If they ever feel the need to tweak his proportions I believe there is potential to be had with it while still keeping the idea of why they made him big in the first place.

  4. molul says:

    To me Sonic Boom was proof of how clueless Sega is with their stuff sometimes. Instead of going back to the great roots of the franchise (until Mania arrived) they thought this redesign would be what the franchise needed, and it only made the franchise more confusing. Classic, modern and boom. Three versions of the same character, three different gameplays, mediocre games in the case of Boom, mixed games on the modern versions, but at least some good stuff with Mania.

    It should have never happened, in my opinion. It felt as wrong as Sonic 4 episode 1.

  5. Gme972 says:

    Like having modren Sonic and classic wasn’t enough . Sonic Boom is completely unncessory . Why wasting budget and efforts over something that no one asked for it in first place ? Why not add those efforts to modren Sonic ? Please Sega there is no need for third Sonic .

  6. RobTurner says:

    Never played the games, loved the cartoon (and this is from someone who grew up watching Adventures and Satam)

  7. BaconBits says:

    More Americanised mediocrity from Sega of America, ruining the Sega brand again still.

    It wasn’t enough for them to try to alter Sonic when he came out from the late 80s into the early 90s, they had to ruin the hardware line with the 32X as well and Sonic Boom was basically going to do the same thing to the Sonic franchise that the 32X did to Sega’s hardware series.

    Good thing it failed, but it still lowered the bar for Sonic games again.

  8. AfroRyan says:

    I thought the show (especially later episodes) was consistently funny. It was very self aware and wasn’t afraid to make fun of itself or its audience. Personally, I love jokes at the audience’s expense, so I found myself laughing a lot. I love Mania, and I love the animations for it. I think there’s room for them to coexist just like how Sonic SatAM and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog coexisted.

  9. Artysmartie says:

    Sonic Boom tv show may not have been asked for or wanted from any fans, but it turns out that I’ve looked forward to every episode and have loved its humor. I just wish they could move Eggman from being a goofy frenemy to actually being a threat, because of not it’s just going to be boring and predictable. Also, Sonic should have a more heroic and friendly and comforting attitude and personality and not be so grumpy and whiny all the time. But I really hope there’s going to be a third season!!

  10. Maxi says:

    So much hate for Sonic Boom, that people here are willing to blow off the cartoon as crap, immediately?
    The game may have sucked, but holy crap, how many of you actually watched the cartoon? The cartoon was incredible. It had pretty savage humor where it makes fun of itself, the audience, and just about everything, especially referencing Chris-Chan.

    Are Sonic fans that upset with Sonic Boom? They’re willing to ignore that it’s mostly a comedy show and not a “heroic” cartoon like SatAM Sonic?

    Maybe Sega should stop listening to Sonic fans and just make fun of everything, since the fans will never be happy, especially after Trueloveheart94 decided to give death threats to one of the writers and voice actors Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock on Twitter, simply because “they lied” about SonAmy not being cannon.

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