New Team Sonic Racing gameplay video and screenshots released

Following the Famitsu news, we have more Team Sonic Racing content to share! The SEGA Press site has updated to include new screenshots, seen after the break, as well as gameplay video seen above. Interestingly, the Egg Pawn racer we reported on earlier seems to be more of a spot filler for AI opponents, and there is also a blue Egg Pawn racer. We’ll get to the bottom of these Egg Pawns soon!


5 responses to “New Team Sonic Racing gameplay video and screenshots released

  1. Icystorm9 says:

    Omega and Rouge? Nice!

  2. TDixpix says:

    Ok, but isn’t putting Sonic in a car just as dumb as giving Shadow a gun?


    • silver dragoon says:

      It’s a CAR racing.

    • Dennis Livingston says:

      I hear this far too often, I don’t get why it’s such a hangup for some people. Who cares. It’s a kart racer.

      If you really need some made up logic to it, just tell yourself he’s in a car to make it fair for the others.

    • DCGX says:

      Dennis, exactly. If people want logic, you hit it on the head. Sonic would always win by a wide margin if he was allowed to run instead of drive. So if people want to have issues with that, they should question Sonic R.

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