Yakuza 4 launches on PS4 January 17, 2019 in Japan, Masayoshi Tanimura being recast

Famitsu has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 port of Yakuza 4 will be launching in Japan on January 17, 2019. Yakuza 5 is set to come out during 2019 as well.

The magazine also ran a story talking about how Masyoshi Tanimura, a main character in the game, will be recast. According to the magazine, SEGA needed to revise and re-record some lines for the character and since the orginal voice actor Hiroki Narimiya has retired from voice acting SEGA decided to recast the role as Toshiki Masuda. This means that SEGA will be changing the model and voice. Quite a bit of work, I guess Japanese men take their retirements very seriously.

[Via: Siliconera]


5 responses to “Yakuza 4 launches on PS4 January 17, 2019 in Japan, Masayoshi Tanimura being recast

  1. Razzee says:

    Kiwami 2 was not published here yet. How anxious…

  2. Noel says:

    It looks like you’re not aware of what actually happened. Tanimura’s former actor was involved in a scandal about using drugs (cocaine, if I’m not mistaken) and his career was affected after that. In the end, no one could prove anything. Nevertheless, nobody wanted to work with him anymore, and SEGA also distantied themselves as well. He felt betrayed and retired, and doesn’t allow people to reuse his materials on things like this rerelease of Yakuza 4. That’s why Tanimura didn’t appear again on other Yakuza games.

  3. semages says:

    I never liked Tanimura, especially his annoying monotone voice that sounded like a flaccid vuvuzela trying to speak, so this is good in my opinion. He always looked and sounded out of place to me.

  4. Tailsic says:

    well that blews, it really going to be weird playing this remaster for me

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