Sonic Unleashed and Aliens vs Predator now playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility

Microsoft has announced a few new Xbox 360 games that will be playable on the Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility. Out of the three new games, two of them are published by SEGA. If you read the title you know they are Sonic Team’s Sonic Unleashed and Rebellion’s Alien vs Predator. Like always, if you already own the Xbox 360 discs or the game’s digitally, you canstart playing them today on Xbox One for free. If you don’t have the Xbox 360 games, you can buy them right now on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

While we can whine about what each console is doing right or wrong, I love that Microsoft really focused on backwards compatibility and even offered a avenue for publishers to make money on last generation software with no effort on their part. I don’t know if this is a huge system seller for Microsoft, but Its cool for fans that wanna go back and revisit games like Sonic Unleashed, which I know a lot of you might want to do.


7 responses to “Sonic Unleashed and Aliens vs Predator now playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility

  1. Brianzilla2004 says:

    I played through all of the daytime stages today. The game looks fantastic and runs better than ever. It would’ve been cool if they’d given it X enhancements, but as is, it’s the best way to play Unleashed.

  2. Gem9103 says:

    I want this game to be playable on steam + sonic colors

  3. Gem9103 says:

    Come on let be available on steam+ sonic colors .

  4. Eccles says:

    How does this run better on the X1 then, I haven’t played it on 360 in a few years but getting back into it, it’s hard to tell where it has been improved, maybe just faster loading times?

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