SEGA News Bits: Sonic Adventure Remake Reaction & Discussion

On this SEGA News Bits, George and Barry cover a topic several viewers wanted us to cover: the possibility of a Sonic Adventure remake. We discuss what Sonic Team said about the idea and share our own thoughts on what a remake could feature.

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4 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Sonic Adventure Remake Reaction & Discussion

  1. Ikagura says:

    If they really want to make a good Sonic Adventure remake, then:

    1) Turn it into a boost game like Unleashed/Colors/Generation/Forces
    2) Only Sonic playable (like in Colors)
    3) Don’t use the overworld, only successive levels
    4) Remove the minigames like Sky Chase
    5) Add an option to remove the cutscenes because gameplay matters the most in a Sonic game, not the story

    • Smeg says:

      It wouldn’t be Sonic Adventure without the overworld. I wouldn’t play that, and that’s coming as a fan of the original Genesis games that’s been playing them since ’91.

  2. I remember my first Sonic Adventure game. Couldn’t even find Knuckles…

  3. Jonathan Pulley says:

    Cool! 🙂

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