IDW to give Sonic the Hedgehog comic characters Tangle and Whisper their own mini-series

We’re a dozen issues and one video game adaptation special into IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, and now we know what the first mini-series will entail! Via IDW’s April solicitations came the reveal of an issue #0 of “Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper”. The preview issue is said to give a sneak peek at their upcoming mini-series adventure and includes a recap of “season 1” of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic (since when are comic books seasons?).

This news is notable as it shows IDW is ready to branch out with the Sonic series with mini-series (something IDW is well known for) and that they are willing to give original characters the spotlight. By comparison, it took Archie two years into their Sonic run before they gave Princess Sally Acorn her own mini-series, and that was the first and last time Archie gave a character not derived from the games their own comic book.

After the break you can read the description of the mini-series preview comic. The mini-series is due out this summer.

Fan-favorites Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf take the spotlight in this special preview for their upcoming mini-series adventure! Check out a sneak peek of their next adventure as two of the newest and already most beloved Sonic characters team-up! Also includes a recap of Season 1!
* Catch up on Season 1 of Sonic as Season 2 picks up speed in the main series!
* Includes a special sneak peek of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper mini-series, coming this summer!
In Shops: Apr 24, 2019


5 responses to “IDW to give Sonic the Hedgehog comic characters Tangle and Whisper their own mini-series

  1. Darryl Heine says:

    Archie also did a Tails mini series in 1995, followed by a Knuckles mini series. The Knuckles mini series led to a few year ongoing Knuckles spin off title from Archie.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      Tails and Knuckles are video game characters though. Sally was developed for SatAM and Tangle and Whisper for IDW.

  2. Darryl Heine says:

    But didn’t Princess Sally Acorn appear in 2 bonus stages (with Rotor and Bunnie Rabbot) in the Sega game Sonic Spinball?

  3. Gem9103 says:

    I would love to see mini-series based on Rouge and Chaotix , they need their own stories to shine the elements of their characters

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