Google Stadia takes shots at SEGA Dreamcast before GDC reveal

The picture above was Google’s GDC advertisement to what would be the reveal of the Google Stadia, a Google streaming box that will allow you to steam your games at ‘4k 60fps’. The photo that was posted by Nibellion shows off failed gaming products including the NES Power Glove, the famous Atari E.T. and lastly the legendary Dreamcast.

While I don’t want to wish bad omens on Google’s Stadia gaming entry, I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to have half the users of SEGA’s Dreamcast which sold close to 10 million units in about 2 years. But what are your thoughts on this and Google’s gaming entry?

2/2021 Update: Why tack on an update for a 2 year old article? Several comments are saying this is fake news, that we need to retract it, that this is photoshopped, etc. This is a real photo, as you can see from this Tweet showing two angles of the E.T. game on display. What is likely is that later in the event, the E.T. and PlayStation swapped places. But the point stands that the above photo is real and this did happen. So… NO RETRACTION!


28 responses to “Google Stadia takes shots at SEGA Dreamcast before GDC reveal

  1. tdixpix says:

    Wow, that’s such bad form. There are many more examples for Google to pull from (see: Virtual Boy, Jaguar etc etc).

    I’m not being a whiny fanboy here — I expect more than low blows from Google as they enter a new market.

    • Merc says:

      Or better examples of failed products would be Glass, Buzz, +, Schemer, or Reader. Wait… All of those are Google products that failed miserably.

  2. Deefy says:

    The only thing I appreciated about the Google conference was Erin Hoffman-John…

    especially her t-shirt…

    REZ vibe!!!

  3. Bob Burnqist says:

    What streaming box? It looks like someone was too salty to not do journalistic research…

  4. Michael says:

    The difference between the Dreamcast and the Power Glove or ET is that the Dreamcast actually did what it was designed to do. Comparing them is incredibly insulting. Those were cynical products rushed to market, if they represented the dreams of their creators they are hollow reflections at best.

  5. Bertodecosta says:

    This is insulting. At first I’m interested, but now it’s decided that I won’t buy Google Stadia. Simply because of this? Yeah, simply because of this.

  6. JTAnimator says:

    If they wanted to put something Sega related, put in the Saturn or the 32X. Not the Dreamcast which is remembered fondly and is getting new homebrew games to this day.

  7. RushDawg says:

    The amount of resources Google has in 2019 is orders of magnitude greater than the resources SEGA had in the late 90’s. Google could easily sell WAY more of their platform than the Dreamcast, especially if they’re willing to operate their gaming division at a loss.

  8. OriginalName says:

    Bad form and very ignorant.

  9. Failed gaming products with the Dreamcast in that list? First off, people failed the Dreamcast, not the other way around, Dreamcast was initially a huge success and broke all previous records and was one of these systems that should have continued to have been successful and would have been if not for the fact it didn’t have a full run. So why was that?

    ‘Fail’ seems to be the nets favourite word these days.
    The Dreamcast did not ‘fail’ depending on how you look at it, it wasn’t as successful as the PlayStation obviously but it was more successful than the Saturn, 32X, Mega CD and Wii U, and could have at least done as well as the MegaDrive/Genesis if it kept going and would see SEGA back to their previous position in a larger industry, it just didn’t see it’s full potential because the plug was pulled on it early, that word can’t just be randomly applied without getting all the facts in from all angles first.

    It’s the same situation with the early iteration of the MasterSystem in Asia/Europe – the SG-1000.
    Sega upgraded their hardware more than they upgraded their software, Nintendo did the opposite.
    Sega didn’t play by the same rules as Nintendo so if you are judging it by Nintendo standards then yes, poor comparison because they had different standards and strategies in place, it’s why Sega released far more hardware overall than Nintendo has and continue to do with arcade consoles.

    See here far example on why it wasn’t a fail ~

  10. Yup. Nope. Not buying this new console. Might seem, petty, sure… But they don’t even have basic knowledge to know that Dreamcast wasn’t even a failure. It’s parent company was. That’s just disrespectful to the craft. That’s like an artist making fun of a Picasso painting.

    • Sega didn’t fail either. Sega did everything it could to make Dreamcast a success, and it would have been if it wasn’t withdrawn after the 2000 holiday season – which saw massive success, but ironically it was because of that massive Dreamcast success that Sega was heamorraging money, Sega was losing £14 for every Dreamcast sold as it was forced into a price war.

  11. Danthrax says:

    That picture is photoshopped. ET is not there in real life, the PlayStation 1 is. Here’s how the display really looked:

    This news post needs a retraction, as Google took no shots at the Dreamcast. It honored it by including it in this display of video game history.

  12. renakry says:

    I was initially mad at this just by looking at this. But as Danthrax mentioned above ET isn’t actually there. I think this was meant to show some of the risk takers by placing it next to the statement: “anything you dream can be built”

  13. DCGX says:

    Agreed. I think this is more of a nod to risk taking within the games industry than past failures.

  14. TayzeBell says:

    I’ll admit I’m now expecting the Stadia to crash hard. I’m sorry but when you have to go “our thing is better than these things” I kinda’ assume you have no real confidence in your product and that it’ll be bad.

  15. Eric says:

    How about remove this post or update it since the picture is obviously not real. Clearly this was an homage to Sega, so actually, hey, let’s correct the error and move on.

  16. Treacher says:

    That was definitely in poor taste for something that is so experimental it probably won’t take off in its current incarnation. I don’t see streaming being viable at the moment for anything past the 4th gen of games, 5th if being generous. Much more gimmicky than the Dreamcast by far.

  17. PEDRO FERREIRA says:

    That’s disgusting behaviour by Google. What a way to get rid of potential customers. I do like the empty space next to E.T. however. Makes a great spot for the Google Stadia.

  18. Barry says:

    Regarding the comments of this being fake or photoshopped: The above image is REAL. Here are two photos, including the one above:

    ET was very clearly there. These are two angles and the light, reflection and even red from the Stadia podium is reflecting off the ET items. It’s real.

    Now, it is possible that they later swapped ET with the PlayStation, as it was noted on Twitter that “The ET stand is actually on a different platform entirely with stuff like Nintendo Power and the Gameboy.”

    TL;DR: Our story is NOT fake. This photo IS real. Google later swapped the ET and PlayStation items.

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