If SEGA had to go console exclusive, which console would you choose?

SEGA used to have their own platform, their own console and ecosystem that a lot of SEGA fans still fondly remember. Since the death of the Dreamcast SEGA fans have been nomads, seeking SEGA software on other platforms and for some its a big investment to play all their favorite SEGA games.

I posed this question to our audience on Twitter and this is the results:

As a joke I added the Google Stadia, but I should have really added the PC as a platform.Quite frankly I still think the PC would have lost to Nintendo. Seems that a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog fans have had fond memories with the franchise on Nintendo hardware that it swayed the results in a predictable manner. I think SEGA fans worry about going exclusive with Nintendo because they aren’t known for pushing hardware like SEGA tries to do. I mean, the new Dragon Engine in Yakuza 6 is gorgeous and is up there with Capcom’s RE Engine and Square-Enix’s Luminous. 

But what is your take? What console would work out best for SEGA in your opinion and why? Let us know in the comments below.

If I had to pick it would be easily Sony. I know that SEGA fans dislike the company and blame them for the fall of SEGA, as someone that has read upon the history of the company, its more of them shooting themselves in the foot with bad decisions. I also quite feel like Sony, as of late, has been moving into making more ‘westernized’ games and have abandoned their Japanese roots. I think having someone like SEGA could give them a nice contrast, plus SEGA has been using the PlayStation 4 as its lead hardware in development for awhile.


6 responses to “If SEGA had to go console exclusive, which console would you choose?

  1. I would’ve voted for PC if it were an option… though I guess failing that, I should’ve gone with Microsoft. I liked their partnership in the early days of the original Xbox… made it feel like a Dreamcast successor in a lot of ways.

  2. Trezell Whack says:


  3. Elly says:

    Multi platform

  4. Tailsic says:

    it pains me to say it, sony feel like i go fit for Sega

  5. Deefy says:

    On a side note…

    Luminous engine Mastermind was Yoshihisa Hashimoto, former SEGA, now CEO at LIBZENT Innovations, his company.

    About the fall of SEGA, if a company that not be SEGA itself has contributed more of the others competitors on the “apparent downsizing” that’s exactly Nintendo.

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