SEGA News Bits: Shenmue III E3 Gameplay & Epic Store Exclusive Reaction

While Shenmue III just got a delay into November, it doesn’t mean that E3 isn’t the biggest event for YS Net and Deep Silver to promote the upcoming kickstarter backed game. We got a ton of news at E3 2019 including a brand new trailer with facial animation, over 13 minutes of gameplay, a new Limited Run Games collector’s edition, and finally the game going Epic Store exclusive on PC. We share our thoughts on all the news, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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9 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Shenmue III E3 Gameplay & Epic Store Exclusive Reaction

  1. Adam says:

    The removal of product placement I can understand like with the first 2 Shenmue games and the Crazy Taxi series…. but no Sega in Shenmue 3?……… I know it isn’t made by Sega, but it’s by Yu suzuki and a sequel to a Sega franchise….. This is like Bakuman with “Shonen Jack” instead of SHONEN JUMP, a series that’s supposed to advertise Shonen Jump!!!!

  2. Speaking of Shenmue, it seems Sega Heroes has a Shenmue event going on.

  3. Sestren Rk'd says:

    I’m another console gamer that isn’t affected by the Epic Games Store move, but I’m finding myself extremely disappointed in how the various teams are responding to their own backers. Not a single “sorry” or “we apologize for the inconvenience”, no offers to make any kinds of amends towards those affected, and don’t even get me started on their official ambassador telling people that a Steam version was planned “but never promised” and trying to absolve themselves of any wrongdoing in a really unfriendly manner. At least with Bloodstained’s Vita cancellation, they knew people would be upset and tried to make up for it.

    One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the cast (I think) was that Deep Silver confirmed that those who pledged for a Physical Steam Disc are instead getting a code for the Epic Games Store instead. So you’re getting a physical case but no disc, but a piece of paper with a code on it? Seriously, no.

    Although I doubt this is possible, I’d propose this: Give those who pledged for the Steam versions exactly what they want at launch, but anyone else who didn’t pledge for it has to go through Epic Games Store until the exclusivity deal expires. If the exclusivity deal overrides everything, send those backers the Steam disc or digital code for free immediately when the deal expires, on top of giving them the EGS code they received at launch.

    I know people are mad at Yu Suzuki himself, but unless I’m wrong, he doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who would understand why this would put so many people in an uproar. I’m still supporting the devs but not the suits.

    • Adam says:

      So it’s like day one dlc?

    • Centrale says:

      Their most recent message was that they were still at E3 and that once they travel back to their offices (this upcoming week, I presume) they’ll come up with a plan that will hopefully make things right with backers who were expecting Steam discs/keys. It could have been handled better, but hopefully this will make things better for most.

      There are some people who are determined to be furious no matter what, though, and some have even sent very ugly messages wishing illness and death to Yu Suzuki… for that kind of mentally ill consumer, there is nothing that a game company can do and they should be referred to psychiatric care.

    • Sestren Rk'd says:

      I agree. Perfectly fine to be upset but a lot of people are also completely overboard with it.

  4. Hoe says:

    Yu shezook is a fraud. He lied

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