Fan restoration of Archie’s Sonic Universe #95 releases – read the full issue now!

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog comics went through a series of ups and downs during the final years of the Archie Comics run of the series. From reboots to cancellations to an outright end to the series, the long running series deserved a better finale. The spin-off from the main series of comics, Sonic Universe, came to an end with issue #94 wrapping up a Chaotix story arc. However, fans were promised a new arc with issue #95 focusing on the members of the Freedom Fighters. Of course, issue #95 never came to be however the penciled and partially inked issue was made public. Using these elements, a group of fans took the incomplete work of Adam Bryce Thomas, Jim Amash and Ian Flynn and inked, colored, wrote and lettered the full issue. The issue is available to read now, and can be found here!

Most exciting, to me at least, is that the end of the restored comic teases that Sonic the Hedgehog #291 – the conclusion to Genesis of a Hero – will be the next Archie Sonic comic to be restored. This will complete the four issue flashback arc that would have acted as a fitting end to the series.

Oh, and my fingers are crossed for Mega Drive: Overdrive to be restored next.


2 responses to “Fan restoration of Archie’s Sonic Universe #95 releases – read the full issue now!


    It’s like Sonic The Comic all over again. Lovely.

    • Ocelotl says:

      Yup, this project has no expanded to not just restoring the lost issues but doing a full on continuation of the 252 continuity! So not only do we now have Archie Sonic Online that continues the pre reboot continuity but this too! 🙂 So in full we now have 3 fully fan continued comics in the OG Sonic the Comic, Archie Sonic Online and now Archie Sonic Restoration!

      I hope it lasts as long as Sonic The Comic has. The passion of the fans is rather amazing, eh?

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