Shenmue III Backer Trial Version releasing this weekend

A Kickstarter update from YS Net has revealed that Kickstarter backers who supported the Backer Trial Version tier will be receiving their PC download codes very soon, this coming weekend to be exact! The trial will come in the form of an Epic Games Store download code, and the trail will be a day in Bailu Village. Players will experience storyline elements, battling, mini games and more. The trial ends when you either defeat a key character in battle or when the in-game time reaches 9 PM. I wonder if Ine-san calls you long distance to scold you?

The trail will not have the ability to save or load files and some specifications will differ from the final product. A PDF guide will be provided.

Personally, I cannot believe that I, and many other backers, will be getting a taste of Shenmue III THIS WEEKEND! I can’t wait to discuss the game with fellow fans.


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