SEGA and Atlus working on New IP for Next Generation consoles

Posted over at Persona Central, taken directly for the Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 681 magazine which features a interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi where he talks about the future of the company. He talks about new IP creation for next generation, how IPs will be valuable for the next generation and Project Sakura Wars.

Atlus and New IP Creation

“Atlus is in a phase where the company must create in a direction other than Persona and Shin Megami Tensei. Both Sega and Atlus are seriously working on new IP in anticipation of the new generation [of consoles].”

“Sega’s selling point is its hidden colorful nature, where you don’t know what we’re going to throw at you next, or where it’s going to land. Although sometimes it’s a wild pitch (laughs). But if it goes well, then it heads right in a good direction. Right now I’m focusing on something new in order to make that happen, and I hope to be able to show it off soon.”

IP as a Platform

“I think the ultimate platform in the future will be IP. Considering this, Atlus can become an incredible platform holder. Sega can, as well.”

“Since IP is important, you need to get more into the spirit of cherishing it.”

“If you just think of IP as a tool to sell things, it will wear out. Until now, that was the destiny for software because the generations have been focused on hardware. But that won’t be the case from now on.”

“The story is changing as companies that make software have priority over how to polish and implement their IPs themselves.”

Is Project Sakura Wars likely to be a touchstone for this?

Nagoshi: I want it to be. If it’s received well, then I think we should invest in using it as a base for new works.”


5 responses to “SEGA and Atlus working on New IP for Next Generation consoles

  1. Wolfenstein says:

    Nice, now I’m excited

    • Tayze Bell says:

      Same, between IPs they’re reviving through outside developers, Project Sakura Wars, this new IP and whatever else they’re planning being a Sega fan is feeling quite a fair bit nicer!

    • M1DW4Y says:

      Yeah, call me crazy but I’m convinced that SEGA’s currently in a transitional period to a new renaissance.

  2. Tayze Bell says:

    Alright so at first you had my attention, but now this is something else entirely.

    For years and years, I think Sega has understood that they couldn’t put all their eggs in one basket, aka Sonic, but were also scared that being bolder in branching out would lose money. Hence why things like Journey of Dream and Billy Hatcher, etc, were given so little in the way of advertising. They throw it out to the world and just kind of left it with little more than a prayer. But I think it’s finally clicked for them that they need a strong catalog of characters and IPs if they’re going to continue to survive. I’ve no doubt things like the Panzer Dragoon remakes and the like are them simply testing the waters to see what will be worth reviving in what promises to be a brand new era for the company. Hell, if all goes well, we might be seeing the beginning of a new golden age for the company, though that remains to be seen. Could well be why they finally localized Shining Resonance as well, or partially motivated bringing PSO2 overseas (you know, aside from Microsoft money).

    Obviously Sakura Wars will be the first big step for all this, it’s clear they’re putting a lot of effort into this game and they very clearly want it to sell. In fact, there seems to be more passion and excitement on the dev end of things for this game then there ever was for Sonic Forces, Sonic Team seems to actually care about this project.

    I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a few more remakes and revivals in the near future. Golden Axe, Shinobi, I suspect and HD re-release of Billy Hatcher, Nights maybe. I mean, if Chu-chu Rocket and Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz can? Right?

    Of course, that’s all just speculation and we won’t know for certain until whatever it is they’re planning get’s rolled out in front of us… but until then this is the most excited I have been as a Sega fan for years now. Whatever the maniacs at Sega have cooking I am ready to dig in.

  3. Toonz says:

    Sega can be right arrogant bastards sometimes, as well as weird and quirky, but that’s why we love them.

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