Persona 4 Golden out now to buy and play on Steam

As you know, we posted before that Persona 4 Golden was suppose to be coming out on Steam and announced as part of the PC Gamer Show. Well, the PC Gamer Show just started, as I’m typing this and it seem Atlus got trigger happy because the store listing for Persona 4 Golden is already up to purchase! The game will cost you only $19.99, with a extra $5 dollars getting you the ‘Digital Deluxe’ Edition that comes with a digital art book and soundtrack.

Persona 4 Golden coming out to anything outside of the PlayStation Vita is a huge deal, since it was exclusive for so many years. Not only that, this port is on a platform not owned by Sony, which might come to a shock to long time Persona gamers.


4 responses to “Persona 4 Golden out now to buy and play on Steam

  1. Fat Frog says:

    According to several datas, it seems the game will passes easily 200K day one.

  2. Julius says:

    Going to get the Digital Deluxe!

  3. click here says:

    I haven’t played this yet but I am so excited to try!

  4. contact us says:

    The game looks and feels all its own. The upgraded textures are crisp, and they look fantastic on a monitor. or TV screen.

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