IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga Releases to iOS and Android in America and Other Territories, European Release Soon

We covered IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga back when it released to Japan in 2018, and now thanks to Boltrend Games the game has released in America and other territories to iOS and Android, with a European release said to be “soon”.

Per Boltrend Games’ press release: “IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga was produced by Shuntaro Tanaka, recognized writer and producer, Tomomasa Chin, the supervising director, and Sho Mutsuura, the art director together with the original team in SEGA, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Phantasy Star series in Japan. Soundtrack was done by Kenichi Tokoi, also composer of the music in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.”

I gave the game a try for an hour yesterday and found it to be pretty good, though I have to admit that the setting and art style is quite different from the Phantasy Star we know from the Mega Drive/Genesis originals and Online series. Dark Falz plays a part and there are rappys, though, so its not completely detached from the series. Check the game out for yourself on iOS and Android, it’s free-to-play and if you are a PSO2 player make sure to take advantage of the promotional offer they have going on.


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