SEGA Nomad prototype shown to public for the first time ever

Hey buddy, you like SEGA handheld consoles? Remember the SEGA Nomad? It was a small size SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive that you could take on the game. Yeah, like a Nintendo Switch but in the 90s. Recently SEGA has been celebrating the companies 60th Anniversary and they posted the following video above, a class room type setting going through the history of SEGA hardware. One of the pieces shown off for the first time? The SEGA Venus, which was a prototype that became the SEGA Nomad.

Its interesting to see the early designed console, it looks cool but the color scheme seems to be very different from anything ‘SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive’ related, which went with more ‘black’ slick style, this has a more bronze/grey look. Also seems that this version had more normal looking front facing buttons compared to the final model that hard buttons that sort of reminded me of the launch SEGA Saturn buttons (on the unit itself).

[Via: SEGA-16]


2 responses to “SEGA Nomad prototype shown to public for the first time ever

  1. Much more compact and easy to hold. EMI shielding I suspect is the culprit.

    Same reason the CDX can’t work with 32x officially.

  2. Mintos says:

    For a moment, I thought this was the latest Nomad under development that was announced a while back along with official updated Sega peripherals that Sega was using Retrobit for as distribution partners, they also said they had another Nomad project that they’re working on, though it will probably just be the same system with an improved screen, increased battery life and a few other extras.

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