Import Guide: Want the Sonic Colors Ultimate 30th Anniversary Pack or DX Pack? Here’s how to import!

Back in 2001, SEGA announced that copies of Sonic Adventure 2 would be bundled with a Birthday Pack celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. Available worldwide, the pack was only available in limited supplies in stores for two days. I myself recall pre-ordering Sonic Adventure 2 from FuncoLand, my first ever pre-order, with the idea that it would secure me a Birthday Pack. Turns out, the store never set packs aside for pre-orders and they were all given out on a first come, first served basis. Arriving after school, I was crushed to learn there wasn’t one set aside for me which led to me ordering a pack online from, I believe, NCSX or The pack contained a coin sporting the 10th anniversary logo, a gold music CD featuring select tracks from the franchise and a small booklet containing a real world timeline of notable Sonic events as well as some really bizarre revelations concerning Sonic’s origins.

That long intro sets up just how excited I was to learn that Sonic’s 30th anniversary will be seeing an Anniversary Pack released this September alongside Sonic Colors Ultimate which will, once again, contain a coin, a CD and a booklet! The downside? It’s Japan only. The upside? There are a ton of import options! Unlike the 10th Birthday Pack, however, it is not a free bonus. The Anniversary Pack will retail for 9,889 Yen, or about $89 USD ($50 more than the standard retail release). In addition, there will be a special DX pack featuring Sonic Colors Ultimate items.

So, you’re wondering: What is in the Anniversary Pack and DX Pack and how do I import them?

The Anniversary Pack contains:

  • The “Life in Sonic’s World Vol.1” art book, which features the “SONIC PICT” illustrations featured on the official Twitter account in Japan, depicting Sonic and friends going about their daily lives. The book will also feature an exclusive cover illustration as well as commentary and behind the scenes stories of their production.
  • “Life in Sonic’s World” CD, featuring music from the games meant to accompany the art book.
  • Sonic 30th Anniversary Collector’s Coin: A limited edition coin commemorating the 30th anniversary of Sonic.

Purchase options:

  • Amazon Japan (an additional pre-order bonus appears to be downloads of select Sonic Colors Ultimate music tracks): PS4 | Switch
  • Ebten SEGA Store (proxy service, like ZenMarket, needed for orders): PS4 | Switch
  • AmiAmi (an additional pre-order bonus of an acrylic keychain is available): PS4 | Switch

Exclusive to the Ebten SEGA Store, which as mentioned requires a proxy service like ZenMarket, there is also a Sonic Colors Ultimate DX Pack. The DX Pack can be bought separate from the Anniversary Pack or with the Anniversary pack. The DX Pack on its own retails for 10,897 Yen ($99 USD) and is available for PS4 and Switch. You can purchase both packs for 16,379 Yen ($149 USD) for PS4 and Switch.

The DX Pack Contains:

“Tropical Resort” Luncheon Mat

Sumi-e Supersonic Hedgehog “Ultimate Coloring” Hanging scroll-style tapestry

Synthetic Leather Accessory Pouch

Eco Bag

Acrylic Stand Panel


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