New SEGA arcade racer “ATV Slam” revealed – to debut at IAAPA 2018

Via Arcade Heroes comes the news that SEGA Amusements will be debuting a new arcade racer at next month’s IAAPA 2018 trade show in Orlando, FLorida. The game is titled ATV Slam and, as the title suggests, is an ATV racer. This appears to be a new IP created by SEGA, as Arcade Heroes could not dig up any information on the game outside of this announcement. On our end, it appears to be a new IP as well.

Swingin’ Report Show #93: Tanglewood Creator Matt Phillips – Indie SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Game

On this SEGAbits Swingin’ Report Show podcast Barry is joined by Aki-At, developer of indie game Brock Crocodile, site contributor and one of the original three Swingin’ Report Show hosts, to interview Matt Phillips the creator of the Mega Drive/Genesis indie game Tanglewood. Matt’s past experience includes work at Traveller’s Tales, Crytek and Deep Silver Dambuster Studios. Learn how Tanglewood came about and how one goes about making a new game on 30 year old hardware.

Learn more about Tanglewood and purchase the game for Steam and SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive.

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Real-time strategy game Revolve8 announced globally for iOS and Android

Following the initial tease, SEGA has officially announced that Revolve8, a real-time strategy game for iOS and Android, will be releasing globally. The card based game features fairy tale characters and the staff includes Koji Igarashi (Castlevania series producer, Bloodstained) working on character designs, Masayoshi Kikuchi (Yakuza series, Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation) as senior producer,  and Ryota-H (Fate/Grand Order and Lord of Vermilion) as character artist.

registration for a closed beta starts today, and the test itself will take place from October 23rd to November 2nd. Despite the negativity mobile games get, the art looks pretty cool. I especially love Cinderella on a jack-o-lantern motorcycle.

Rumor: Team Sonic Racing might have been delayed to 2019

We haven’t been shy to share our opinions on SEGAbits about the upcoming Team Sonic Racing, specifically the lack of marketing hype surrounding the game. Set for a winter 2018 release, the game has only seen a few teaser trailers and appearances at conventions. For a game that should be releasing in just a few months, it sure doesn’t feel like it is releasing in just a few months. Via Sonic Stadium comes the sighting of a pamphlet from a Russian computer and gaming expo that gives the game a 2019 release date. Such a delay would fit with how SEGA has been treating the game, and I did note that the official website for the game and the SEGA Press site does not list any release date information. Plus, SEGA has made it clear that quality is important for the Sonic brand moving forward, which has led to delays for games like Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice and Sonic Mania.

Of course, this could also all be false and the Russian event just had the wrong information. It wouldn’t be the first time Russians disseminated false news. We’ll see what information we can dig up on the potential delay, so in the meantime let’s classify this as a rumor.

SEGA News Bits Extra: Q&A and House of the Dead Mini Game in Project Judge

It’s the first week of the month, which means a preview of SEGA News Bits Extra! Extra is a weekly series for our Patreon supporters where we discuss news not seen on the SEGA News Bits videos. New to the monthly preview is the return of SEGAbits Q&A! All Patreon supporters get question priority, and after that we may dip into the Twitter, YouTube and comments sections for random picks.

This week we discuss the House of the Dead style mini game in Project Judge as well as an easier way to get online with the SEGA Dreamcast. Thank you to our Patreon community for the support and consider joining the community yourself if you enjoy our content!

Leak reveals Yakuza Kiwami as free PS Plus game for November

Somebody at Sony jumped the gun, as the November graphic was used temporarily on the PS Plus page promoting the free games subscribers will be able to download. Listed on the official PlayStation site are Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition and Yakuza Kiwami as November’s PS Plus free games. The graphic has since been pulled, but various sites and people on social media managed to save the graphic.

This is great news, as Yakuza is continuing to gain more and more fans and a free release of the remake of the original game is sure to bring in even more fans!

Swingin’ Report Show #92: Sonic The Hedgehog Author Kiel Phegley

On this Swingin’ Report Show, Barry talks with Kiel Phegley. Kiel is the author of “Sonic and the Tales of Terror” and the Sonic The Hedgehog “Race Against Chaos Sticker Activity Book”, and is a freelance author who has worked with Penguin Random House and Marvel. Kiel is currently is a professor teaching writing and literature and was the news editor for Comic Book Resources.

We discuss how Kiel landed the Sonic writing job, his approach to books for younger readers, Sonic’s personality, his Sonic The Hedgehog fandom and his future projects!

Check out Kiel’s Penguin Random House books!

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SEGA News Bits: SEGA AGES most requested Nintendo Switch titles revealed

Recently, SEGA of Japan ran a survey asking fans what games they would like to see added to the SEGA AGES lineup, and the results were quite revealing. On this SEGA News Bits, we run through the list and share our thoughts on what this could mean for future rereleases.

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SEGA News Bits: Fighting Vipers & Motor Raid SEGA Arcade Games In Project Judge

It was recently revealed that the upcoming Project Judge, developed by the studio behind the Yakuza series, will contain playable SEGA arcade games. These games include Fighting Vipers and the rare racer Motor Raid. On this SEGA News Bits we discuss this news and what we can expect from the ports.

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If you enjoy our SEGA News Bits segments and want to support us: Give us a sub and give this video a thumbs up so it shows up on more like-minded fans YouTube recommendations. You know, how that YouTube algorithm is.

Streets of Rage 2 joins the SEGA Forever mobile lineup

SEGA Forever has announced that the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive classic Streets of Rage 2 has joined the mobile lineup. The game is free (ad-supported) on iOS and Android. Streets of Rage 2 was one of the many SEGA sequels to outdo the original, with improved gameplay and memorable music.

Give the game a download and don’t forget that Streets of Rage 4 is on the horizon for home consoles, meaning now is the perfect time to brush up on baring your knuckles.

SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Mini delayed to 2019, development shifts to in-house

Announced this past April at SEGA FES, the Mega Drive Mini (Genesis Mini) was on track for a late 2018 release. The plug and play was SEGA’s answer to the NES and SNES Classics from Nintendo. However, since the announcement the company AtGames let slip that they were making the console for SEGA. The reveal was largely met with negativity, due to AtGames past attempts at Mega Drive/Genesis plug and plays which typically had less than ideal audio and video.

Fighting Vipers and rare arcade racer Motor Raid playable within Yakuza studio’s Project Judge

I’m starting to think Ryu ga Gotoku Studio is an elaborate front for SEGA arcade releases. As revealed by Famitsu, the upcoming Project Judge will feature playable SEGA arcade games within the game. The announced games include Fighting Vipers and Motor Raid.

It is especially exciting to see Motor Raid as the game has never seen a home release. Released in 1997 and developed by AM1 (cabinet by AM4), the Model 2 game saw players racing futuristic motorbikes across different planets. As noted by our wiki, most of if not all Motor Raid cabinets were sold as conversion kits for Manx TT Super Bike. The game is quite rare, so to see it fully playable in Project Judge is exciting!

SEGA AGES for Nintendo Switch launches with Sonic the Hedgehog and Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar

The M2 developed SEGA AGES for Nintendo Switch has launched today in the west with two games: Sonic the Hedgehog and Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar (Thunder Force IV in Europe and Japan). The reasoning for the title of the latter is because on the SEGA Genesis in America, Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar was the localized name. However, given the history of the Thunder Force series prior to and since the game’s release, it is odd that SEGA of America saw fit to keep the localized name.

SEGA AGES titles are priced at $7.99 in America and £6.99 in Europe. A little less than the ¥925 Japanese price point when converted to dollars and a little more converted to pounds. Players can expect new features and various settings. Check then out now on the Nintendo eShop and stay tuned to SEGAbits for our reviews of the first two titles.

SEGA Genesis Classics announced for Nintendo Switch, releasing this winter

SEGA has announced that SEGA Genesis Classics will be releasing this winter to the Nintendo Switch, both physically and digitally. The collection had a release earlier this year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and had existed on Steam as the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics Hub. The Switch release appears to be the same content, so a little over 50 Genesis games in a kid’s bedroom-style hub with various video settings.

Prior to this announcement, George and I mused on SEGA News Bits that SEGA held off on a Switch release so as not to compete with their SEGA AGES collection. However, it looks like Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 are the only games existing in both this and SEGA AGES. SEGA Genesis Classics offers a nice selection of games, but there are several odd choices including the lack of Ecco the Dolphin games and still no Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. These games exist on the Steam version of the collection.

New Sonic the Hedgehog animated series in the works!

A member of The Sonic Stadium community has spotted an Instagram post from the Sonic Mania Adventures production manager in which she is visiting SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog offices. The photos are accompanied by the text: “Gotta go fast, gotta make it last—finally swung around the SEGA office as we’re working on another fun series with the blue hedgehog y’all are gonna love it! #Sonic #SonicTheHedgehog #Animation #Work #SEGA #Knuckles #Tails #Amy”.

Not much else is known, but the Sonic Mania Adventures credit is a good sign and the hashtags do name drop Amy who was absent in the recent 2D YouTube shorts. What sort of animated show would you like to see? Sound off in the comments below!