New DLC for Racing Transformed discovered on Steam


Mystery DLC has been discovered on Steam for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It has a date of November 5th. I remember a while back Steve Lycett saying there would be one more character coming this year who was rated highly on the poll. This could mean anything though. Do you think it’s Miku? Do you think its Ryo Hazuki? Do you think it’s Kazuma Kiryu? Let us know in the comments!

It might also be important to note that the past few character updates have been included as patches, yet whatever this upcoming content is seems like it’s going to be paid DLC.

View the full article to see a picture of the STEAM data.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f PS Vita English version releasing Early 2014

Hungry for more Vita games? SEGA has heard your cries. Announcing Hatsune Miku f for PS Vita, the original Hatsune Miku Project Diva f game that was released in Japan. We never got the PS Vita version in the west, but it looks like we will be getting it now. Lots of people say the Vita version is better than the PS3 version due to no input lag on the screen and tapping the screen for the stars instead of flicking the control sticks. Not to mention that great looking OLED screen.

I guess this means the PS3 version must of sold well in the west for them to want to bring this over.. now, about PSO2…

Phantasy Star NOVA TGS Trailer

The trailer shows a bit of gameplay and CGI, while using the word “Confidential” a lot. Looks like PSO2 battle system with a bit of Tri-ace flavor, IMO.

Phantary Star Nova will be out on the Vita in Japan in 2014.

More Details on Phantasy Star Nova, getting AAA production budget


Some more details about Phantasy Star Nova have came out of Famitsu which might interest you. The game is mainly a single player game, with an optional ad-hoc local multiplayer mode. There is no online mode.

The game is being built using a Tri-Ace engine and overall it’s going to feel like a Tri-Ace game rather than a Sonic Team game. A big change compared to PSO is how the weapon system works. Equipment shows damage visibly, and monsters drop materials that you can use for crafting instead of weapons.

Also, famous RPG music composer Motoi Sakuraba is composing the music for the game. Oh, and the core development team is around 70 people, and total production is over 200 people (said to be higher than the number of people involved with Titanfall by neogaf). So it sounds like a really big project. Hopefully it comes west 🙂

*title updated at the request of George*

Review: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F

Hatsune Miku  Project DIVA F_11

Warning: the review you are about to read is very bright and colorful. If you hate bright neon and colorful things, well.. you have been warned 😉

So it’s finally happened, a Hatsune Miku game has been translated to English and released in the Western hemisphere. Is the Project Diva series as good as people say it is? Read on to find out how I have experienced my first Hatsune Miku game.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F launch trailer

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F is out now in North America both in retail and on PSN. In Europe the game has been delayed to next week and is only available digitally. I’ve started playing the game today and it is a lot of fun. I plan to have a review up by next week, maybe this weekend if I get through the game faster than I think I will. So, stay tuned!

Senbonzakura Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F trailer

Game is coming out in the West on August 27th for both PS3 retail(North America only) and PS3 PSN, although it’s suggested that if you want a physical version to pre-order it now. Ruby has said that the retail version will probably become rare shortly after launch. If you pre-order it now at GameStop you will get code for the Snow Miku costume and a PS3 theme.

Are you looking forward to this game? Let us know in the comments!

Update: Sonic Dancing (dirty?) at Sonic Boom

Warning: the first 25 seconds are so is NSFW.

Here is a video from Sonic Boom. The music at first is quite funny. Then when SEGA realizes what’s being played it’s quickly switched, but it’s an awesome video either way. Apparently the video has been getting taken down with DMCA claims, could be SEGA or the licensed music thats being played, so watch it while you can!

Also, I don’t know the names of the songs being played, but if anyone would tell me in the comments that would be great!

Update: here is a perspective from inside the crowd,

Project Diva F 2nd announced for PS Vita and PS3

Note: The above video is actually from Project Diva F, which you will be able to play in English this August! It’s quite a fun a game, so if you haven’t tried the demo yet get it on PSN. There is no footage or screens of Project Diva F 2nd, yet.

Project Diva f 2nd has been announced in Famitsu for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 for release in Spring 2014. Japan only for now of course. Songs confirmed to be in the game so far are “Colorful X Melody”, “Romeo and Cinderella”, and “Akatsuki Arrival”. Does anyone plan on importing it? or Maybe a better question would be are you looking forward to Project Diva F English version out this August?

Sonic Adventure 2 and Pepsi

I saw this posted on Twitter by @IizukaTakashi. This is a quite an amazing revelation. Sonic Adventure 2 was inspired by a Pepsi game! Can you believe that Iizuka-san was inspried by Pepsi…?

In case you didn’t realize it yet, I’m not being serious. I wanted to share this video because i found it amazing, regardless of which game was made first, or if it’s even an official Pepsi game.

DSP trains for Sonic 4 Iron Man of Gaming speed run at SGC

If you don’t know who DSP is I’ll give you a quick summary. DSP stands for Darksydephil, and he plays games on youtube and for living. He has somewhat of a short fuse and its funny to watch him play games.

DSP is entering the Iron Man of Gaming tournament at SGC, and in this video series he is training for Act 1 of Splash Hill zone since that is going to be one of the parts of Iron Man of Gaming tournament.

It’s the weekend, slow news time, so I thought people might enjoy these videos, something to watch if you are bored.

DSP Sonic 4 training part 2
DSP Sonic 4 training part 3
DSP Sonic 4 training part 4

Someone wasn’t happy with SEGA’s blog post today

I figured it’d be fun to post something a bit out of the normal since it’s the weekend. Every Sonic fan knows who MarioTehPlumber is. Turns out he wasn’t happy with SEGA’s blog entry today for Hedgehog Day, and thinks Sonic Adventure 3 is coming and it upsets him greatly. Skip to the 2:40 mark for the good stuff if you aren’t patient. Language warning, NSFW, etc.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – Speed Run

SEGA America has released a video a speed run, it’s really quite a good speed run. It’s also a reminder that the PC version of this game will be out soon, end of this month to be exact, but you can pre-order it on STEAM right now! If you wanted to play this game in 60 FPS, you will soon be able to!