Fighters Segamix: Waku Waku 7

Now for something a little different. I’m reviewing Sunsoft’s Waku Waku 7. A fairly rare import (although available on Neo Geo in the U.S.) full of oddball fighters that takes some stabs at Anime tropes. It’s a very fun fighter with a small assortment of crazy characters and a super meter that beats them all. However, the translation from Nero Geo to Saturn didn’t go as well as expected. Considering it also comes with a one meg RAM cartridge, how could they mess up those backgrounds so badly?! Check out my video and see is you have the “balls” to play this wacky fighter.

Click on comments to check out a Neo Geo comparison.

Fighters Segamix: Power Stone

This would have been up a week sooner, but I was having problems with the video editor. Yes, it’s Power Stone! The Capcom fighting game so synonymous with the Dreamcast that people tend to think it’s a Sega game. One of the best local multiplayer games that even amateurs can get into. I’m afraid with my busy schedule, I may need to make this a bi-weekly show instead of weekly. Hope you guys don’t mind.

I got something really unique for next week. I will say it’s a bit “Wak”.