Community Gaming Night: Race with SEGAbits in Team Sonic Racing!

Want to join SEGAbits for some online racing sessions this weekend in Team Sonic Racing? Then come on up, over and down and race with the SEGAbits team and show us what you’re made of! We will be playing Team Sonic Racing on Playstation 4 this Sunday, May 26th at 7pm EST (6pm CST). All you have to do to join is to add the following PS4 gamertags: “angelcoma” “BarrytheNomad” and “KoriSX15” for us to add you to our lobby. Race you all soon!

Play Virtua Fighter 2 with SEGAbits on XBLA this Friday!


To celebrate the last week of SEGA AM2 month with Virtua Fighter, the SEGAbits crew are planning on having a couple game sessions over on Xbox Live Arcade by playing Virtua Fighter 2 with our visitors and forum members. The game session will begin on Jan 30th, Friday at 12pm EST (9 AM PST).

To join us in a couple of matches, you could either follow us on Twitter and send us a direct message with your XBL gamertag or add “KoriSX15” with a message typed “VF2” to the gamertag. So be sure to put your skills to the test and show us what you got this Friday! Juunen hayainda yo!

SEGAbits Gaming Community NiGHTS featuring Streets of Rage Collection


Join us in our next gaming community night with SEGA’s beat’em-up classic, SEGA Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage, this Wednesday night on Xbox Live Arcade. We will be playing through all three games from 7:00pm EST to 11:00pm EST on January 22nd.  Just add “KoriSX15” to your friends list and we’ll be sure to add everyone to the Xbox Live Party to begin the session. Hit the jump for the game schedules.

SEGABits Gaming Community NiGHTS featuring MODEL 2 Collection

SBGCN Model 2 Collection
Featured in our next gaming community night on SEGABits is AM2’s finest arcade fighters supported by the SEGA MODEL 2 hardware. We will hosting each game on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on XBLA this week after Thanksgiving. During the event, we will be posting references of each game including Fighters Megamix on Twitter. Just add “KoriSX15” on Xbox Live and I will be sure to add you. Want to suggest some more SEGA titles to play in our next Gaming Community NiGHTS? Be sure to comment below or visit our forums. Hit the jump for the schedule.

SEGABits Gaming Community Night featuring Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown on XBLA

Want to play SEGA games online with the staff and writers of SEGABits on PSN and XBLA? Look no further, we at SEGABits are willing to play SEGA’s library of titles along with our readers and forum members twice every month on the weekends.

Our first game featured on our gaming community night is Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown on Xbox Live Arcade on Sept 7th at 6pm Eastern Time. If your interested, add me “KoriSX15” by 5pm EST time and I surely will add you on the list.