SEGA’s mobile division on track for record setting revenue


SEGA Networks released a new report showing the strong growth in their mobile division and lays out future plans. The report came with a host of interesting facts, from animes being produced to possibly a future MMO in production. Hit the break to find a host of a interesting information including updated figures on their NOAH Pass service which they launched in August 2013.

The Dreamcast Junkyard Top 200 results are here – Happy 15th birthday to the SEGA Dreamcast!

SEGA Network partner site The Dreamcast Junkyard, specifically the hardworking site contributor The Gagaman as well as myself who built the original poll (my fingers still hurt), have been busy the last few months polling SEGA fans to select their favorite Dreamcast games from a list of every single title. The end result would be a top 200 of the best Dreamcast games as selected by the fans! The polling has now ended and the results are live just in time for the Dreamcast’s Japanese release anniversary. Yup, that’s right, the SEGA Dreamcast is 15 years old today! Celebrate by checking out the Top 200 results and of course play some of your favorite Dreamcast games.

Help The Dreamcast Junkyard decide the top 200 Dreamcast games!

SEGAbits partner site The Dreamcast Junkyard has set up a poll which includes every single Dreamcast game from all regions, including indie titles. The mission: to create a definitive top 200 list of the best Dreamcast games. If this sounds familiar, it’s because back in 2009, a top 100 list was created by The Dreamcast Junkyard using data collected from a similar poll. Given attitudes towards certain games have likely changed with time and rereleases, as well as the additions of new indie Dreamcast games to the console’s library, now it a good time as any to revisit and expand the list.

To contribute, simply head on over to the polling site and select every game that you would deem to be a worthy addition to a top 200 list. You can select as many as you’d like, and it is encouraged that you select a sizable amount. This is not a popularity contest for one specific title. It is a comparison of many (at the time of this writing, 100+) Dreamcast fan’s lists. Games that appear one more lists are the ones that are more likely to make it near the top. The poll runs until November 18th and the results will be revealed on November 27th, which is the Dreamcast’s 15 anniversary in Japan.

The Dreamcast Junkyard fills us in on the Dreamcast games of 2013

SEGA Network partner The Dreamcast Junkyard has released a new video, courtesy of DCJY contributor The Gagaman, which both revives the YouTube channel with a brand new look as well as gives us a handy rundown of the Dreamcast games slated for 2013. Check out the video above and make sure to stay tuned to The Dreamcast Junkyard this year. All hail the undead console and all hail The Dreamcast Junkyard!

Senile Team releases a free Dreamcast game called Polyko, play it today!

Senile Team, the folks behind Rush Rush Rally Racing, have ported an indie game by the super long name of “Polyko’s Super Jelly Bean Quest in The Sketchbook of Illusion” to the Dreamcast. How much does it cost? Nothing, it’s free! Where can you get it? Right here! The game is a simple platformer starring an artist named Polyko who has been magically transported into his sketchbook. The goal is to collect 31 jelly beans. There is no way to die, so no fear of falling into an abyss or having your head ripped off by a zombie. You can play the full game online here, or better yet burn it to a disc and play it on your Dreamcast. The cd image even contains printable covers, so it’ll fit in on your indie Dreamcast games shelf. Enjoy!

The Dreamcast Junkyard takes a look at the Gunlord Limited Edition

SEGA Network partner The Dreamcast Junkyard has uploaded a great unboxing and gameplay video of the latest indie Dreamcast game, Gunlord. DCJY writer The GagaMan(n) got his hands on the Limited Edition version of the game, which includes a soundtrack CD along with the game. The package art looks beautiful, and the booklet is loaded with great artwork. The game itself looks unlike any other indie Dreamcast game we’ve seen, despite the storyline having ties to NG:Dev.Team’s Last Hope: Pink Bullets. Check out the video here!

Have any readers picked the game up? If so, what do you think of it? I’ve ordered the limited edition earlier this week, and hope to get my hands on it before July 4th. I figure all the shooting can act as our fireworks this year. You can buy yourself a copy at NG:Dev.Team’s shop.

Meatbun offers up three cool new SEGA inspired shirts

Meatbun have some crazy talent designing their gaming related tees, and I get the feeling they may have a bit of a Sega fan streak in them judging by how 3 out 4 of their latest designs are Sega inspired. Many are quite surprising mash ups too! First up, Passing Breeze. This looks like it could have come directly out of a mid to late 80s Japanese indie fan magazine, right down to the manga like toning. A gorgeous illustration that nails the vibe of the classic Outrun.

Check out SEGA Memories for the other two designs!

New Sonic Toys Revealed at New York’s Toy Fair – Plush Metal Sonic, Modern PVC Figures and Charmy!

Another year, another Toy Fair. That means more Sonic toys from Jazwares! Unlike last year, which revealed a LOAD of 20th anniversary figures, this year is rather light despite the many figures and plush dolls crowding the booth. The first thing you’ll notice is that they’ll be removing the 20th anniversary logo and will be replacing it with a standard gold ring and Sonic logo. There are a few repackagings of existing items, such as the classic 3″ figures in a four pack. The new additions to the line, seen for the first time in these photos include:

• Metal Sonic plush doll – seen above
• Modern PVC figure set including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy and Metal – seen above in front of the classic PVC set
• Chaotix figure 3-pack featuring Charmy, Vector and Espio – seen after the break

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Taking a Look at the Latest Sonic Generations Statue

The 2013 Guinness Book of Records Gamer Edition better give Sonic the award for most statues produced for a video game mascot’s anniversary. The latest commemorative statue, released by Jazwares in the United States (more territories have yet to be confirmed), may not stack up against the fancy First4Figures release or what was offered in the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition. The scale is smaller than the other statues released and the paint job is typical Jazwares quality. However, there are a lot of good things to say about the statue, and it is a great addition to any Sonic collector’s shelf!

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Let’s Go to the “Sonic Generation” Art Show in Philadelphia!

When Gagaman of SEGA Memories wrote about the “Sonic Generation” fan art show in Philadelphia, PA, I knew I had to make the long trek to check it out. Grabbing my old near-broken digital camera (my new one is being repaired), I headed out into the tepid weather and braved the 9 minute subway ride to the Brave New Worlds comic book shop. The show, which is actually rather small despite the spiffy website, features various renditions of Sonic, Tails and Eggman from a variety of artists. Located in the outer lobby of Brave New Worlds, the gallery takes up what usually would have been a blank wall.

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Sonic 20th Anniversary Action Figure Roundup

2011 has been a huge year for Sonic in a number of areas: we’ve seen the return of the Genesis-style gameplay, Archie’s Sonic series gave us a great adaptation of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 and the toy company Jazwares has released a number of action figures celebrating Sonic’s 20th anniversary. While I haven’t been posting about the many figures here at SEGAbits, over at SEGA Network affiliate SEGA Memories I’ve been regularly sharing the Jazwares toys. As of this week I’ve collected the full line of 20th anniversary figures, at least until Jazwares releases more which they have hinted at doing. What follows is a handy roundup of all my Jazwares figure posts from the past year, where I review each figure and share photos. Enjoy!

Arts & Crafts: Make your own Sonic Generations Genesis box!

Back in late 2010 I put together a nifty Sonic the Hedgehog 4 mock Genesis box complete with cover art, a cartridge sticker and a fake instruction manual. The project was a mini labor of love for both retro Genesis box designs and my favorite SEGA franchise. Today, as Sonic Generations releases, I’m happy to present another Genesis box design, this time for Sonic Generations. I figured, as the series focuses on both modern and classic, it would be fitting to provide a classic version of the game case. As the actual Generations cases for 360 and PS3 tout 3D support, I thought I’d throw Master System fans a bone and added the “SegaScope 3-D” logo to the case.

Let’s get started! Click here for files and printing instructions!

Celebrate the Dreamcast’s 12th Birthday With Us!

Since 2009, It has become a yearly tradition for me to throw a Dreamcast birthday party by way of Dreamcast gaming, a live stream, chit chat, drinking and pizza. This year will be no different from last year: Starting at 11am Eastern Standard Time (5pm GMT) on Friday, September 9th, I’ll be kicking off the party at We’ll play a ton of games, chat, reminisce and celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Dreamcast’s American launch. We’ll check out the original launch titles, play some wacky imports, go on a Dobuita shopping spree and I even have a few surprises.

So mark your calendars and keep your eyes on The Dreamcast Junkyard and SEGAbits as the big day nears!