Review: 3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Bros (Nintendo 3DS)


I’m going to be honest, when SEGA and M2 announced that 3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Bros was going to join wave 2 of their 3D Classics, I was sold. Fantasy Zone is just one of those games that doesn’t get enough appreciation in the West and having it release digitally will mean that more people get to enjoy this underrated classic. But how is the port? Well, let’s jump right into the review…

3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Brothers hits 3DS eShop this week

Ask us if we like Fantasy Zone. Now look at our logo, stop asking questions, you dingus. Luckily for us and even luckier for you, SEGA has announced that their next SEGA 3D Classic port that’s coming west is Fantasy Zone.

The game isn’t just a regular port as it will add new 3D visuals, adjustable difficultly settings, the ability to save your game, let you play the Japanese or English version, a stage select, and if that wasn’t enough they will have a brand new mode that allows you to play as Upa-Upa (Opa-Opa’s brother).

The official SEGA blog has a great interview with Yosuke Okunari and Naoki Horii talking all about bringing the game to the 3DS.