Aliens vs. Predator coming to OnLive

OnLive is a ‘cloud computing’ service that will let you play any games (that are on the service), on a decent PC, as long as you have a internet connection. How does it do this? It streams the game online, so the game is never actually playing on your PC, its playing on a PC owned by OnLive. I don’t think the service will be that popular, but we shall see.

The title is suppose to be a launch line-up for OnLive. It is set to launch on June 17th at the E3 Expo. Hopefully you have a fast enough internet connection.


Steam’s SEGA Week brings insane deals

You have Steam and enjoy deals, right? Now you can get 24 SEGA games & pieces of content on Steam, for the mere price of $90 bucks. If you buy each title, alone, you would be spending over $400 dollars.  Just want Aliens vs. Predator? Its 50% off and costs 25 bucks right now, stand alone.

You get your Total War fix, plus some Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Outrun Coast 2 Coast and Virtua Tennis 2009. To get the list of all the games in the special, hit the jump.

SEGA Deals: Bayonetta and AvP $29.99 at K-Mart

You like cheap games? Have a K-Mart near buy that is still opened? You will be able get Bayonetta and Aliens vs. Predator for $29.99 each, on your choice of PS3 or 360.

Not your thing? They also have Final Fantasy XIII. Whats Final Fantasy you ask? I don’t know either.  The prices will take effect on May 4th and last till May 10th. So save your pennies!

[Via Destructoid]

Aliens vs Predator & Mario & Sonic make February NPD top 20

What a good few weeks it’s been for SEGA in sales? With dominating the UK charts with several high profile releases, Alien vs Predator spearheaded that attack, so it should come as no surprise that it sold extremely well in America too. Now whilst not doing as well as it has done through out Europe, the 360 version of the title did manage over 190,000 in sales. Although the PS3 version is no where to be seen.  The Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games did over 100,000. No doubt SEGA will need to be sending out more to retailers sooner than later.

It’s not all good news though, as Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing failed to make the top 20, but like all good Sonic game, it could probably be a slow burner.

[Source: Gamasutra]

Aliens vs Predator sells over 100,000 units in the UK

Aliens vs Predator has seen tremendous success for SEGA across all of Europe, but in particular, it’s sold very well for SEGA in the UK, not dropping out of the top 5 since releases three weeks ago, that title now resides number three in the British all formats charts. So it should come as no surprise to know that the title has done over 100,000 units and to be exact, that was just the Xbox360 version. ELSPA sales awards for February hands the silver award to the 360 version of AvP for getting past the 100,000 mark but another SEGA title also went for gold, as the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed sold over 200,000 units for SEGA in total since its release. All in all, a good few weeks with plenty of hits for SEGA, let’s see if they can carry on this fine form.

[Source: ELSPA Silver Awards] & [Source: ELSPA Gold Awards]

Review: Aliens vs. Predator

A lot of people are very worried when it comes to licensed games or when it comes to resurrecting a franchise. I don’t blame them; I was the same way when I heard that Aliens vs. Predator was coming back. After having a couple of weeks of hands on time, is it what I expected?

Rebellion wants to do AvP follow-up

Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion, has stated that Aliens vs Predator has been a huge success for the company, so much so that they are already in talks with SEGA to do a follow-up game.  This doesn’t mean support for the newly release title is over, they are still planning some DLC.

“We’re also in discussions with Sega about ongoing support for AvP, and also about a sequel to the game,” – Jason Kingsley

Hopefully if SEGA is going to publish another AvP game, that they don’t forget about Aliens: Colonial Marines.

[Source: Gamerzines]

SEGA Europe: AVP fastest selling game this year

SEGA of Europe have just tweeted that Aliens vs. Predator is the fastest selling game of the year, in  the UK. This means it beat heavy weight titles like Mass Effect and even their own  Bayonetta.

News just in; AvP is the fastest selling game this year and also no.1 in the all-formats chart here in the UK.

I guess critical reception is not needed to sell megaton copies, you just need to sprinkle some badass license characters and watch it explode.

Alien vs Predator Species Deathmatch Trailer

Yet another trailer for the upcoming Alien vs Predator game! This time featuring the species death match mode where you will select either alien, predator or marine and join a team of the same species and duke it out with opposing species!

This mode was the bread and butter of the old AvP games if you ask me, great fun!

I’ve seen some very mixed reviews coming in for AvP, some love it and some hate it! I’ve played the demo and found it very fun… One of my close friends absolutely loves it. What is your opinion?

Also worth noting is that I saw a commercial for this game last night after the Brit Awards on ITV1.

SEGAbits Swingin’ Report Show #1: Episode One

Here is the first SEGAbits podcast, proudly named the “Swingin’ Report Show” and if you didn’t get the reference, it is from Space Channel 5. Sorry if we freeze up sometimes, I have not done a podcast since forever and I’m sure Sharky and Aki-at haven’t done one in a long time either. Besides that, enjoy our very first show!

Aliens vs Predator demo gets 14k downloads on Xbox Live

The multiplayer demo of Aliens vs Predator has been downloaded over 14,000 times over the weekend on Xbox Live. It is not all sunny news, since the PC version has recently patched a matchmaking bug, the Playstation 3 version is set to get a demo patch as well, according to Rebellion. They also say they are “really sorry”. Kind of hard to drop 60 bucks on a game when the demo is broken.

“Just looking at how the demo’s been rated on Xbox Live tells its own story – 14,000 downloads in a few days and an approval rating of 4.5/5, we’re absolutely delighted with the response….The one unforeseen issue was the matchmaking on PS3, that really came out of left field and we’ve still got Sony engineers helping us look into what is at fault. I understand why people question how it wasn’t spotted sooner but we just can’t replicate that kind of scale in normal testing.”

Very interesting. I expect Aliens vs Predator to do very well on the Xbox 360 and PC; should do alright on Playstation 3. Early reviews have been harsh and I hope bigger sites like IGN and 1up give out more informative and unbiased reviews. We shall post our review up when it launches.

Game Informer reviews Aliens vs Predator

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One of the first reviews for Aliens vs Predator has now been leaked online and comes from Game Informer. They seemed to only enjoy the Predator campaign, but ended up complaining about it having linear game design. I guess this is now a negative thing? Most stealth games feature linear game design. I also thought Call of Duty games were linear, but that didn’t stop it from getting awards.

“Curiously, Rebellion’s 1999 PC release, Aliens vs. Predator was well received, but the update captures none of that game’s unique spark. Instead we have a title trying to live off the fumes of two dormant franchises.”

I have to say, I think the review is a bit rough and doesn’t go into great detail about the games multiplayer aspects. I assume it was a rush review and was just put up as soon as possible. I quite enjoyed the demo, for what it was. If you have not played that, I suggest you give it a spin.