Sonic Dash for Android features two new racers – the Android Robot and Andronic

SEGA has teamed up with Google Play for an Android exclusive addition to Sonic Dash. For a limited time, players can race as the Android Robot, and if players race well enough as him, they can permanently unlock a special Sonic Android Robot to race as dubbed (are you ready for this?) “Andronic”. Yup, Andronic is now a thing. Watch your back, Tails Doll!

You can download Sonic Dash for free from the Google Play store, and act fast if you want to play as the two new characters because as mentioned, they’re for a limited time!

Update: For those wondering how to unlock Andronic, the Google Play page says: “Choose to play as the Android Robot on the Character Select screen 50 times before the event is over to unlock a very unique and exclusive character for you to play as.”