SEGA Amusements releases trailer for upcoming arcade racer ATV Slam

Revealed back in October of 2018 by Arcade Heroes, ATV Slam is an upcoming racing game from SEGA Amusements. While the game was said to debut at IAAPA 2018, the event came and went and nothing was seen. Thankfully, Arcade Heroes is back with more information on the game! It appears the game was held back from public exhibition for additional improvements, and now we have a brief trailer showing the racer off.

The trailer description has additional details, including mention of the “custom developed motion platform lets players experience all the bumps just like being on the track” that was previously revealed. Graphics are delivered by Unreal Engine 4 and the game promises a unique AI system. We’ll have more information on the game as we hear it! In the meantime, enjoy the trailer and share your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

New SEGA arcade racer “ATV Slam” revealed – to debut at IAAPA 2018

Via Arcade Heroes comes the news that SEGA Amusements will be debuting a new arcade racer at next month’s IAAPA 2018 trade show in Orlando, FLorida. The game is titled ATV Slam and, as the title suggests, is an ATV racer. This appears to be a new IP created by SEGA, as Arcade Heroes could not dig up any information on the game outside of this announcement. On our end, it appears to be a new IP as well.