Viking: Battle for Asgard Added to Steam Registry

Sega and Creative Assembly’s 2008 game Viking: Battle for Asgard has turned up on the Steam registry and we assume will soon be available for purchase from the Steam store. This marks Viking: Battle for Asgards début on the PC having released exclusively for Xbox360 and PS3 in 2008.

If this is the beginning for Sega’s new digital strategy then I’m all for it. I absolutely loved Viking, Whilst flawed in some areas the game was full of potential and the epic battles were a thing of beauty. If this means we might get a sequel to Viking then I’ll happily double dip.

You can visit the Viking: Battle for Asgard EULA page HERE.

[On another note, I’m back! I’ve been in America for the past three months with limited internet access, hello again Sega fans!]