SEGA News Bits Live: NEW Sonic Frontiers & Origins Content

On this SEGA News Bits Live, Barry takes a look at leaked Sonic Origins Plus news and reviews the latest update to Sonic Frontiers. On the unboxing segment, Burger King’s new Sonic kid’s meal toys are detailed and Shadow finally is a juice bottle.

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Cancelled Dreamcast era Sonic Adventure Burger King Kid’s Club concept art appears on ebay

$_57 (34)

An incredibly cool collection of Sonic art appeared on ebay in the form of concept art for a cancelled Burger King Kid’s Club line of Sonic Adventure toys. The listings feature ten toys, with six pieces of artwork each: a clean inked drawing, two marked up versions with notes from SEGA on color and callouts, a final inked piece, and then mock-ups of the final slip of paper you’d find packaged with the toy. The seller claims they came across the concept art in a warehouse find of several pieces of concept art for various products. This claim is backed up by several other pieces of art for various products in his ebay store. These are the only SEGA related ones, however.

As ebay listings don’t last forever, and because we can’t afford to buy all ten for $150 each ($1,500 total for 60 pieces of art), we’ve saved all the images from the listing in a gallery after the break. Had the set gone through to production, we would have seen ten toys: Rip Roaring Robotnik (spelled “Robotnic” on the art and corrected in the final version), Somersaultin’ Snowboardin’ Sonic, “Go Gamma Go!”, Knuckles Goes for a Spin, Twistin’ Twirlin’ Tails, Frog-Catchin’ Cat (oddly, Big’s name isn’t mentioned on the final version), Noisy Amy, Super Sonic Sled, Turbo-Prop Tails, and Walk ‘Em Sock ‘Em Knuckles.

After the break, a full gallery of the images from these auctions.