Chinese Exclusive Astro City Mini Revealed, Red Buttons and Gold Limited Edition

You thought SEGA was done releasing variants of the Astro City Mini? Think again! China will be seeing a release of the machine, featuring a red joystick and buttons as well as an accompanying controller. Also available will be a limited edition gold unit, though if you ask me it looks more like an old yellowing arcade machine which I guess has its own charm. No word on if the games lineup will be the same as Japan, but we will report back once we hear something.

Rumor: “Tasty Good! Super Monkey Ball” rated in China/Taiwan for PS4, Switch, and PC

The rumors of a new Super Monkey Ball continue to come in. Two months ago, SEGA of Japan trademarked “Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball”, Tabegoro roughly translating to “Good to eat”, “tastes good”, etc., though for the sake of this article it will be unofficially called “Tasty Good!”.

Now more fuel in the fire has been added, as the official Chinese/Taiwan ratings board Game Software Rating Regulations has seemingly revealed more information about this supposed game via the official Chinese title “現嚐好滋味!超級猴子球”. It will be developed and published in house by SEGA itself, not outsourced similar to other revivals in recent years, and it’s planned for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, with an icon seemingly displaying the title also in the documents. No other information about what exactly Tasty Good! Super Monkey Ball is, such as whether it’s a sort of remake or an original game, has been revealed at this time. Guess we must wait until SEGA officially announces the game to know more.

[Source: Game Software Rating Regulations]

SEGA announces Yakuza Zero has sold over 500k units, series has sold over 7.5 million

We mentioned before on the last financial report on how Yakuza Zero has been the lowest launching Yakuza game in Japan, especially when it was released on both Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 consoles. Well, SEGA seemed to be aware and launched the game in Asia back in May where it sold out instantly. Now SEGA has stated that the game has sold over half a million copies, talk about a quick turn around.

SEGA has other games it is releasing over to in Asia including Phantasy Star Nova and Shining Resonance. SEGA hasn’t announced plans on releasing Yakuza Zero in English, but it will be releasing Yakuza 5 this fall on Playstation 3.

SEGA has also announced that the franchise as a whole has sold over 7.5 million. The franchise has had over 11 unique titles including spin-offs released since 2005. SEGA also announced before that the Persona franchise reached over 6.2 million, surprising seeing the Yakuza franchise outsell Persona when Persona‘s been around longer and is more popular in the west.

[Via: Playstation Lifestyle]

SEGA localizing Phantasy Star Nova and Shining Resonance in Chinese

SEGA has just announced that they will be localizing both Phantasy Star Nova and Shining Resonance in Traditional Chinese. Isn’t that something? I know a few continents that would really enjoy English releases of those two games. Shoot, I think Phantasy Star Nova would do great on the Playstation Vita right now considering they don’t have much original games to play.

I guess the only two options to play these two games is either to learn either Japanese or Chinese.

SEGA testing their Transformers arcade game in China


Wait, SEGA has the license to make Transformers arcade games? That is new to me. SEGA’s Chinese studios will be creating this title, they have made other arcade titles like SEGA Golden Gun and K.O. Drive. Now the team is ready to start testing their next arcade title, Transformers: Human Alliance. Seeing as how Transformers is now a huge brand again, with those Micheal Bay movies, I would not be shocked if they do bring over this arcade title later in the year (and neither is the guys over at Arcade  Heroes).

Not too much information is available about the game yet, but it seems to be a shooting game where humans fight along with autobots to save planet earth. Could this be a light-gun game? Third person shooter? I guess we will see when footage starts hitting the internet.

SEGA to expand arcade business to China

China has like, a lot of people and SEGA thinks all those kung-fu loving communist would like to play some arcade games. So what are they going to do about it? Expand their arcade business to China, make exclusive arcade games tailored for the average Chinese consumer.

Should be interesting to see what arcade cabinets SEGA will launch with in China and what kind of titles they will develop for the country. Maybe some exciting stuff?

[Source: Kotaku]