Review: Conduit 2

First, a quick apology to everyone, including SEGA, for the lateness of this review. I unfortunately lost my access to high speed internet shortly after receiving my review copy, and so I had difficulties with the multiplayer portion of the review throughout the summer. The multiplayer played a significant part in the final verdict, so I hope the good folks at SEGA who sent the review copy won’t mind the tardiness.

The original Conduit pioneered the Wii first person shooter, allowing every player to customize the game’s motion controls in a fashion that best suited how they wanted to play the game. It had its problems, however. Its online was easily hackable and virtually broke the game, and the single player offered absolutely nothing that hadn’t been done better in numerous other shooters. The environments, being based largely on modern Washington DC, were fairly generic aside from the odd monument. The level design was linear, and most of the weapons were pretty typical for the genre. With the announcement of Conduit 2, High Voltage Software acknowledged the problems of the original and promised to solve these problems with the sequel. Does Conduit 2 improve over the original, or does it fall even flatter?

Conduit 2: Australians are Criminals!

Do you have a face? Are you Australian? If you answered yes to both of those questions you are eligible to have your face appear in the upcoming Conduit 2!

“Impress your friends, family, and players everywhere by having your photo in Conduit 2! We’re giving away a chance to have your photo on a “wanted” poster in the game. This is your chance to really be a part of Conduit 2!

Not only is this a competition, but to enter you also have to give a suggestion of what you would like to see in Conduit 2. Good to see developers listening to the fans and actively seeking feedback.

You can enter the competition here:

Sega Australia reveals ‘Welcome to Violence’

One year after the excellent ‘Bang Bang Box’ edition of The House of the Dead: Overkill, the good people at Sega Australia have revealed another excellent bundle for the Wii. ‘Welcome to Violence’ contains the games Madworld, The House of the Dead: Overkill and The Conduit. All three games have recieved a warm reception from critics and will satisfy any Wii owner suffering from a bit of the old bloodlust. It all comes presented in a nifty Drive in Cinema/Grindhouse case too!

The price for the compilation is only AUD $109.95, a very nice price considering that major retailers are selling the individual games for between $50 and $80 each! If you don’t have these games yet, now is a great time to check them out!