Crimson Dragon creator wants to to make a Crimson Dragon RPG

Yukio Futatsugi is the creator of the acclaimed Panzer Dragoon franchise, though he has left SEGA to work at Microsoft Game Studios Japan, the developer working on Crimson Dragon. Yes, that Xbox One title that looks very similar to the iconic SEGA franchise.

SEGA also had a spin-off of sorts called Panzer Dragoon Saga, which happens to be an RPG instead of a rail shooter. That title was created by Yukio Futatsugi, and when asked at E3 if he would ever return to make a new RPG, he said he would like to make one based in the Crimson Dragon world. Seems that the team is full of SEGA employees that worked on the old Panzer Dragoon titles and it shows.

When he was also asked if he would like to see Panzer Dragoon Saga re-released by SEGA, he stated yes. He said that they’ve talked about a re-release over at Grounding Inc (the name of his studio) and ultimately came to the conclusion that it would be too hard to remake. Of course, this RPG will only happen if Crimson Dragon does well on Xbox One…

PAX East: Crimson Dragon Preview

Shut up. Right now.

I realize it’s not wise to tell our readers such a thing, but I thought I’d just get that out of the way now. I don’t care if SEGA’s not on the box, nor that it wasn’t at their booth. This is a SEGA game, if not in reality then in spirit, and I’m writing about it. Ladies and gentleman, Crimson Dragon is Panzer Dragoon 5.

I confess, I haven’t been following this game too closely. I’ve seen far too many Kinect titles I’ve thought had potential crash and burn and I wasn’t about to let myself get my hopes up for a new “Panzer Dragoon”. Upon playing it though, I have to say…Crimson Dragon is the best Kinect game I’ve experienced.