Adult Swim releases Shenmue the Animation First Look Trailer

Shenmue the Animation has finally gotten a first look trailer by Adult Swim, the anime is set to adapt the events of the first game and most of the second. The First Look Trailer posted above starts off with the iconic Shenmue game opening speech by Shenhua but has some different scenes within like Ryo fighting in a Karate tournament which fans are speculating is where Ryo received his iconic bandaged cut on his face.

According to some interviews, Shenmue the Animation will also use unused script ideas Yu Suzuki had that never made it into the Dreamcast originals. This will give older fans a reason to tune into the show when it finally airs sometime in 2022. Stay tune for more info.

Crunchyroll and Adult Swim announce Shenmue: The Animation, 13 episode anime series

It looks like the Shenmue: The Animation is a real thing thanks to Crunchyroll and Adult Swim, as they have announced that they are teaming up to distribute the production outside of Japan and mainland China on the Crunchyroll and Adult Swim platforms.

The series is set to have 13 episodes and chronicles the adventures of Ryo Hazuki as he finds his father’s murderer. According to the press release you will visit Yokosuka and Hong Kong metropolis. So it looks like the first season is going to cover all of the first game and probably some of the sequel.

Hit the jump for the press release:

Sakura Wars (2019) – Tite Kubo Character Design Spotlight Video

SEGA has teamed up with Crunchyroll to give an exclusive speak peek at Tite Kubo’s, the main character designer for the manga series BLEACH, character designs for the upcoming Sakura Wars (2019) game for Playstation 4.

The video showcases sketches the new Flower Division character designs by the famous manga creator with many detailed expressions shown for each character. Sakura Wars (2019) will take center stage on April 28th for Playstation 4.

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First chapter of the Persona Q manga up on Crunchyroll


So for those who don’t want to play an 80-hour RPG to see the story of Persona Q, or if you just like manga based on video games, there’s a pretty decent way to get through the story now. If you happen to have a Crunchyroll premium subscription, you can now read the first chapter of the official manga on there.

This manga follows the story from the perspective of the Persona 4 characters. There’s not much different from the game aside from the conversations obviously being a lot shorter and cut down. Following chapters will be released whenever they come out in Japan. Also, I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you haven’t played Persona 4 yet, as it takes place midway through that game’s events.

First episode of Persona 4: The Golden Animation can now be streamed


If you hadn’t had enough Persona 4 stuff in the past week or so, the new anime based on the enhanced Vita re-release Persona 4 Golden just started. If you have a premium Crunchyroll account you can watch it on their site right now. If you don’t have one, you can watch the full episode for free in six days or you can watch the first two minutes. Alternatively, you can also watch it on, though chances are that if you don’t live in the US or the UK you’ll get a region error.

Having watched it, I do recommend only seeing this adaptation if you’ve either played the game or watched the first anime. The pacing is a lot quicker with scenes that were covered in the first anime adaptation being skimmed over or changed. That being said, you might find this fun to watch if you’re a Persona 4 fan.

Crunchyroll to stream HeroBank anime beginning today

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 8.39.17 AM
Yesterday it was announced that Crunchyroll will be streaming SEGA’s HeroBank anime, based on the recently released Nintendo 3DS game of the same name. Streaming began today at 6:30 am eastern time and is available worldwide (except for Asia) to premium members of the service. The anime is also available to members using a 14-day free trial in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

Head on over to Crunchyroll now to watch the first episode!