Lazy Game Reviews covers the Diamond Edge 3D card that brought the SEGA Saturn experience to PC

Bringing the home console experience to a personal computer has always been a trying experience for game developers. With varying degrees of hardware and dear god, playing Virtua Fighter on a keyboard? Back when SEGA was making a big push for PC gaming, they teamed up with NVidia with the Diamond Edge 3D card for Windows 95. The package brought you Virtua Fighter Remix and Panzer Dragoon as a couple of free games as well as two SEGA Saturn controllers. Why? Because the video card also featured an adapter that lets you plug in any Saturn controller to your computer all while rendering 3D via quadratic texture mapping (In lieu of any OpenGL compatibility), much like an actual SEGA Saturn. YouTube content creator Lazy Game Reviews has recently posted a review on this rare piece of hardware and shows off the card and the games in action.