Hucast announces DUX 1.5 Collector’s Edition for the SEGA Dreamcast

If you thought the DUX releases were over, then you don’t know DUX! Following Hucast’s release of Redux: Dark Matters, which included DUX 1.5 in the limited edition version, as well as standalone standard and limited editions of DUX 1.5, and a version of DUX 1.5 in a CD case, Hucast has now announced a collector’s edition of DUX 1.5, set to release in April.

The release, limited to 300 copies, will include DUX 1.5, a DUX soundtrack CD, a DUX 1.5 soundtrack CD, a yet to be announced “New Game Disc” (perhaps a demo disc of The Ghost Blade?), and a 12 page Color Manual. Pre-orders start on March 17th, and Hucast advises fans to stay tuned to their store and their Facebook page.

HUCAST Games now shipping DUX 1.5, their Dreamcast shoot’em-up


Hey, just because SEGA has pulled support for the Dreamcast over a decade ago doesn’t mean there aren’t new things to play on the device. HUCAST games actually released DUX in 2009, so if you think you have heard of this title before you aren’t mistaken. This is the new 1.5 version of the title.
So what is new in DUX 1.5 compared to 1.0? Well they have a new soundtrack, rebalanced gameplay and even the option to respawn instantly after death (which is a big deal).

If you bought the original, the team is willing to upgrade you to the 1.5 version for free. How? They say take a picture of your copy of DUX 1.0 with a current newspaper. Who buys newspapers? If you want to take them up on their offer, hit them up on twitter.

You can buy the game here.