E3: Renegade Ops hands on

I’ll admit, Renegade Ops wasn’t really at the top of my list when it came to SEGA’s E3 offerings. After playing it though, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not really a call back to any SEGA legacy series, nor is it from any major SEGA developer, but it’s something any fan of arcade games should probably check out when it comes to Xbox Live, PSN, and PC later this year.

E3: Binary Domain Preview and Q&A

At E3, we were shown an exclusive demo of Binary Domain, an action packed third person shooter done by the same team behind Yakuza. The story is a cross-breed between “The Terminator” and I Robot. The year is 2080. The setting is Tokyo. A company has developed intelligent robots for the sake of manual labor. However, an incident occurs when someone has been producing robots that look like humans and some robots are given an ego. This is a breach of international law. An American company called Burgen corporation believes the Amita corporation is doing it. You pay as Dan Marshall, a member of the IRTA which regulates robotics internationally. You are sent into Japan to find the person responsible. However, Japan has gone back to its feudal days and has sealed itself off from foreign intervention, so you will have to infiltrate your way in and fight off large groups of robots who want you dead for invading.

Captain America: Super Soldier hands on (Xbox 360)

I’m weary about being a little too positive regarding games I play at E3. The splendor of it all and having the developer standing right next to you can really help skew the experience, especially for an E3 noob like myself. Even taking this into account, I do believe I can at least say this about Captain America: it doesn’t suck. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s a lot of fun. How fun the final product will be I cannot say, but my experience here was definitely a positive one.

E3: Shinobi 3DS hands on

I love Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master. In my opinion it was easily one of the best games SEGA ever made for the Genesis. Needless to say, when I heard the series was finally getting a new game, I was ecstatic…and a little worried. After all, after the series hit its high point with Shinobi 3, it’s been subjected to some less than stellar games through the likes of Shinobi Legions and Shinobi PS2. I am happy to report that this game isn’t like those games; unlike them, Shinobi 3DS does indeed have a bunch of things in common with the Genesis games, including a few very obvious throwbacks.