E3 2012: Aliens: Colonial Marines interview with Design Director John Mulkey

Recently, SEGA of America announced big changes in the way they publish their games. From now on, they will only publish what they feel are AAA titles. Sega then, must be really happy with Gearbox’s upcoming release of Aliens: Colonial Marines as it has been given a big push as of late. Despite several delays, the game seems to be coming together nicely. Yesterday, we got to talk with design director John Mulkey about the upcoming game based on the blockbuster franchise.

Swingin’ Report Show #33: E3 2012 Extravaganza Episode

Hey folks we are back again for another week. This time its a intimate episode with just George and Barry the Nomad. On this week’s episode we talk about our feud with Deee-Lite singer Miss Lady Kier, What we think about Danica Patrick being in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and all the E3 talk your little heart can handle. Sit back and enjoy.

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E3 2012: Arkedo Studios talks with us about Hell Yeah!

While waiting in the ridiculously long line for Metal Gear Rising, I let Nuckles87 hold my place in line while I went to speak with Aurelien Regard and Dimitri Pean of Arkedo Studio to talk all things involving Hell Yeah! This is the developer’s first time working with a big publisher and Hell Yeah! looks to be the studio’s most successful game to date. Read on to see what they had to say.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F for Vita shows up at Sony’s booth

We finished telling you the other day that Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F was getting a white Playstation Vita bundle, seems that the vocaloid has more news up her sleeve for American gamers. It seems that the Vita game is being shown at Sony’s booth this year, but was re-titled to simply “Hatsune Miku” which makes sense. This is what SEGA Japan tweeted:

” A tech demo booth is set up with the game, but it’s still in Japanese. They’re excited to see the surprised reactions from fans touring the expo.”

It is sort of weird that SEGA West completely ignores the title, but SEGA Japan knows very well that its at E3 and at the Sony booth. No news if the game is actually going to come out in America or if Sony just wanted it on the show room floor to show off some of the Vita’s features. Maybe SEGA Japan is testing reaction from the public?

Live from the SEGA E3 Booth

Hi guys, I’m writing this from the SEGA booth right now. Nothing too newsworthy, but I thought I’d give you guys an update on what’s going down.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is playable for the first time without having to wait in a massive line. It’s still multiplayer only, and I can still only play marines, but you can bet it’ll be written about here.

Joe Musashi is playable in the ASR demo as well, and we also have Jet Set Radio lanyards!

Finally, someone from the Monkey Ball team is at the booth, and it’s not Toshihiro Nagoshi. Does the name Jun Tokuhara ring any bells? He’s been with the series since the beginning, and he is here now for the Vita entry.

*UPDATE: It’s Danica Patrick* Could the Hornet be SEGA’s celebrity guest?

Update 2: Sumo Digital producer S0L has said the following over at The Sonic Stadium forums:

You know, when they (SEGA) pitched us the idea we went ‘The fans will go wild…’ I think they didn’t get what we meant from that though

End of the day she hasn’t replaced any SEGA characters, she’s an extra and we’re very happy with the vehicle design we’ve done for her, which incidentally isn’t the one you might think it is

UPDATE: Game Trailers just revealed that Nascar driver Danica Patrick will be in All-Stars Racing Transformed. Remember her from that one SEGA game? Wait, she’s not a SEGA character. But she is racing in a SEGA branded racer which will be revealed at SEGA’s E3 booth. Danica and her SEGA branded Nascar will, in turn, be in the game. I’ll admit, it’s really freakin’ weird, but it does feel very much like when Pepsiman appeared in AM2’s Fighting Vipers. Which is a good, if not odd, thing.

SEGA Blog has posted up some booth pics, including a massive car shaped thing right in the center of the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed booth. Doesn’t appear to be Sonic’s car, I can only imagine a custom made Speed Star would cost a load. But it could very well be the Hornet. Daytona USA’s star racer joining the All-Star roster? What do you think is under there? We’ll know in one hour. There is a small chance that Segata Sanshiro can take the form of a car, and he’s silently waiting to burst out from beneath the sheet to put the Wii U in a headlock.

Rumor: All-Stars Racing Transformed announcement tomorrow, celebrity appearance

According to gonintendo, an email from SEGA arrived stating the following:

This Tuesday at the SEGA E3 Booth, SEGA will be making a major announcement for their upcoming title Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed. There will be a large reveal, celebrity appearance and photo/video opportunities. We hope you or someone from your team can make it to cover the big news and please let us know if you have any questions.

Some speculate that the celebrity will be a fictional character, such as a man in a Mario suit announcing the Wii U version and Mario as a guest character. But I think otherwise. Mario isn’t a celebrity, he’s a fictional character. But you know who is a celebrity, has a connection to SEGA and has been mentioned in the past as being a possible racer in the first All-Stars Racing title? That’s right, Hiroshi Fujioka also known as Segata Sanshiro. If SEGA pulls a Segata reveal tomorrow, they will have won E3 without even holding a press briefing. Another possibility is Toshihiro Nagoshi, who is heading to E3. Could Nagoshi be revealing Kazuma Kiryu as a racer?