Swingin’ Report Show #71: Phantasy Star Online with Susan Arendt & James Mielke

Dreamcast Month comes to an end at SEGAbits with a special episode of the Swingin’ Report Show podcast in which we celebrate one of the most memorable Dreamcast games – Phantasy Star Online.

Joining Barry and George on this episode are two gaming industry greats! Taking a telepipe to the Pioneer 2 is Susan Arendt – Managing Editor of Joystiq.com, former Editor-In-Chief at The Escapist, and former contributor to GameShark, Shojo Beat Magazine, and Wired. And back from busting a blue rappy it’s James Mielke – Founder of BitSummit, former Editor-In-Chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly and 1UP.com, and former producer at Q Entertainment and Q-Games.

Join us for a special round table looking back on PSO, from pre-release hype, to launch, and memories of the many versions and episodic sequels. As a bonus, James reveals that he has an army of super soldiers and he shares some inside info on where Phantasy Star Online 2 is at in English translation and what may be holding up a Western release.

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RUMOR: Atlus to bring Yakuza 5 to the West! [UPDATE]

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Update: Barry here. We have a bit of more news regarding this rumor. While EGM says one thing, a NeoGAF member says another. User jschreier shared the following:

I just asked a couple Atlus USA folks and they haven’t heard anything about this. FWIW. Seems pretty unlikely to me – they’re not a big company and they just announced like 4 new Persona games.

Original story: According to the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, Q-Mann (that’s their rumor guy) states that Atlus may be currently working on localizing Yakuza 5 to the West. With news of Sega giving Atlus some free reign when it comes to their IP’s and Atlus having a great localization team, this doesn’t seem so far fetched. Am I hyped? Check above the comments section and see.