Shenmue 3 “Big Merry Cruise” DLC pack releases today

The third installment of Shenmue III downloadable content releases today, March 17th! This time, players will see the arrival of the Big Merry Cruise. Sure cruise ships are not a popular destination right now in the real world, but in the world of Shenmue they sure look enticing. The DLC features a huge cruise ship that has arrived at Chobu harbor, and inside is an all new gambling area. The ship also features special items that can be acquired by completing mini-quests onboard the ship.

Players must have reached Niaowu or have a cleared save file in order to access the latest DLC. DLC can be purchased on the PlayStation store or on the Epic Games store.

Cliff Bleszinski wished he worked on Bayonetta

He really thought about the question

Cliff Bleszinski, or as he is known to his fans, Cliffy B, is a design director for Epic Games. His name is all over video game media after Microsoft did the huge hype train for Gears of War.
When twitter fan @AGamestopMgr asked him:

“if you could attach your name to any game in history, which game do you wish you made?”

Cliff said “Bayonetta”, that is right, out of all the games in history, he picked Bayonetta. I guess this guy is an ass man.

[Source: Examiner]