ChuChu Rocket! hits Android devices, buy it now for 99 cents

I love my phone, but lately have been sad that I can’t get those cool SEGA games that they release on iPhones. Well, seems that SEGA is finally sharing the love and at a killer price too. If you have an Android device, you can now own ChuChu Rocket! for 99cents.

The game looks beautiful and runs buttery smooth (at least on my device). It comes with over 500 puzzles to go through and its under a buck. Apparently there is a time out bug on some devices and no multiplayer at the moment. You can grab it here.

Oddly enough SEGA of America only has this and a game I never heard of called ‘Fallen Realms’ on the US Android Market. The game Fallen Realms actually looks quite good and is free. Get that here.