SEGA Talks About What’s Next After the Game Gear Micro

With the Game Gear Micro now releasing in Japan, SEGA’s Yosuke Okunari talked about what’s next in a recent issue of Famitsu Magazine. Thanks to Siliconera, we have some translated tidbits from the article:

“For the next Mini, we are considering everything that has been imagined by everyone.”
“Of course, it doesn’t mean we can realize all of them. We are also thinking about projects that nobody has imagined.”
“The projects are moved by a substantial amount of money, so we’re working first on the one that, realistically speaking, has the highest possibility.”
“The Game Gear Micro is only sold domestically in Japan. When we do the next one, I feel like the project scope will be much bigger as we gaze upon the world. So we won’t be able to release it at this time the next year or two years after the Mega Drive Mini. We can’t make it that quickly. (laughs)”
“I think for the next one, we may go with a concept close to the Mega Drive Mini. If I have to say some names, it could be an SG-1000 Mini or a Dreamcast Mini…”

It’s interesting that the Astro City Mini is not mentioned, and that SEGA are considering everything from their earliest console to their last console. What would you like to see next from SEGA? Sound off in the comments below!

[Source: Siliconera]

New Sonic Mania & Forces info from Famitsu Interview with Takashi Iizuka


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