SEGAbits X Sonic Prologue 2


The wait is now over and we at SEGAbits are happy to announce our surprise partnership with NECOMIX with their upcoming sequel to their Sonic Prologue fan film, which had over 900k views since it’s launch last year in August, to celebrate Sonic’s 25th Anniversary next year. With this partnership, we will be posting updates on Sonic Prologue 2 exclusively on our social media network, Facebook & Twitter.

Sonic Prologue 2 takes place directly after the events of Sonic 2 and the beginning of Sonic 3 where Sonic first meets one of his earlier rivals in the series, Knuckles the Echidna. This time, the team is going to need support through donations to make this project happen. Hit the jump for the “exclusive” 60fps trailer, story synopsis, screenshots, a message from the director and details on donation support of the smash hit fan film.

Sonic Adventure 2 scene recreated on Source Filmmaker

The Source Filmmaker (SFM) is the movie-making tool created by Valve, it allows users to make movies inside the Source game engine. SFM is available for anyone to use and has powered some really creative short films.

Here is one such film I thought was worth sharing. The film is a recreation of the Sonic Adventure 2 ‘faker’ cut-scene where Sonic faces off against Shadow. It is incredibly well made and a joy to watch for any fan of the Adventure series. Check it out!